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Fellows Criteria and Procedures

Professional Members must demonstrate both of the following:
  1. a strong continuing commitment through direct SAF volunteer activities, and
  2. exemplary action, sustained leadership, and advancement of the forestry profession in at least one of the following areas:
    1. application of forestry,
    2. education,
    3. public policy,
    4. research, or
    5. technology transfer.

      Criterion (1) would typically be demonstrated by a significant number of years of sustained commitment to SAF voluntary activities, performed at two (2) or more of the following SAF organizational levels: local (chapter); state; regional (multi-state or voting district); or national. Criterion (2) would typically be demonstrated by exemplary action and sustained leadership over many years in advancing the forestry profession at two (2) or more of the following levels: local; regional; national; or international. Exceptions may be made for unusually notable contributions to SAF or to the forestry profession over a shorter time frame.

Nomination Packets and Procedures

The District Fellows Committee will forward all nomination packets it recommends as best qualified, from among those candidates it finds qualified, to the respective Council member. Council members shall return incomplete nomination packets to the District Fellows Committee. The SAF Council will act on Fellow nominations at its June meeting and nominees will be notified shortly thereafter.

Nomination packets must contain all of the following documents:

  1. A consent form, signed by the nominee and the District Fellows Committee, to verify the nominee has been informed of and consents to the nomination, and to confirm members of the District Fellows Committee presenting the nomination are in support,
  2. three letters of recommendation in support of the Fellow nomination,
  3. a completed biographical and professional information form, and
  4. a recent 5" x 7" or 3" x 5" photo or digital photo with a minimum of 300 dpi.

Questions: Please contact Patricia Adadevoh at adadevohp@safnet.org or (866) 897-8720 ext. 123.