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District Fellows Committee

Fellow candidates will be evaluated by a District Fellows Committee established in each SAF voting district. Each District Fellows Committee will consist of at least five Fellows, one from each of the state, multi-state or intrastate societies in the District. The Committee shall include at least one woman Fellow, is possible.

The Council representative for each voting district shall appoint the initial members (and chair) of the District Fellows Committee to staggered terms of one to five years. In each succeeding year, the District Council representative shall appoint any needed replacement Fellows (with assigned terms) to the District Fellows Committee. In addition, yearly, the Council representative shall ensure a chair is appointed. The terms will coincide with the calendar year. No Fellow may serve more than one consecutive five-year term without a break in service.

Nominations for Fellow shall be prepared by individual members or by State Society or Chapter Professional Recognition Committees and submitted to the District Fellows Committee.

The District Fellows Committee shall remain continuously active and meet by telephone conference calls as necessary to provide information and guidance on the Fellows nomination process to facilitate the submission of nominations. It will seek out potential candidates for Fellow from among voting District members, compile background information on candidates, review Fellows nominations and inform nominators and/or nominees of the completeness of the nomination packages, evaluate candidates against the criteria for Fellow, and recommend to the Council voting district representative nominees from those found best qualified. The District Fellows Committee will elect nominees by a simple majority vote. Reasonable (conference calls and postage) operating expenses incurred by the District Fellows Committee may be reimbursed upon completion of an expense form and submission of all original receipts to the national office.

Each Council voting district representative shall have the discretion of accepting some, all or none of the DFC's Fellow recommendations found best qualified. Any recommendation to the Council voting district representative that is not accepted shall be returned to the DFC for additional work. Each Council voting district representative shall forward completed nomination packages for those being recommended for Fellow to the national SAF office in time for their consideration on the agenda of the meeting at which they are to be acted upon by Council. The SAF Council shall review and act on Fellow nominations at a meeting preceding the annual members’ meeting.