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Forest Science and Technology Board

The Forest Science and Technology Board (FS&TB) provides the Society an effective means for the development, dissemination, and use of forest sciences. The goals of the FS&TB are:
  • Helping working groups achieve their objectives in the dissemination and use of forest science;

  • Providing Council with information and opinions on current and emerging science and technology issues;

  • Assisting with providing the science and technology content of the national convention program by planning plenary sessions, technical sessions, and applied forestry field trips; and

  • Making recommendations to Council on the recipients of the Barrington Moore, Technology Transfer and Extension Awards as well as the SAF Award in Forest Science.

Who Sits on the FS&TB?

The board is comprised of a chair, representatives of six subject areas established by Council — Resources measurements; Forest systems; Ecology and biology; Management and utilization; Decision sciences; and Social and related sciences, and representatives of three geographic regions – Northeast, Southeast and West.

When does the FS&TB meet?

The board meets once a year during the annual SAF national convention.

For more information on the Forest Science and Technology Board, please see the Working Group Officers Handbook.