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The Benefits of Trees

Research Shows Benefits of Large Trees Outweigh Costs
In cities and towns across America, large landscapre trees like ashes, elms, and oaks are being replaced with smaller, more decorative species like crepe myrtles, dogwoods, and maples. Scientists with the USDA Forest Service's Center for Urban Forest Research say this trend away from large trees is a costly mistake.

Urban Forests May Solve Houston's Problems
Houston has a problem. A recent study known as Urban Ecosystem Analysis (UEA) found that, between 1972 and 1999, areas of heavy tree cover within the Houston area declined by as much as 16 percent. Conducted by American Forests, the USDA Forest Service, and Houston Green, a coalition of local conservation organizations, the results of the study indicate that trees provide significant benefits relative to stormwater runoff, energy savings, and the removal of pollutants.

NIH Forestry Projects Highlight Benefits of Trees, Urban Forest Management
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, is widely considered to be the nation's primary facility for cutting edge medical research and technology. What most people don't know, however, is that NIH also is a showplace for how urban forestry, and a commitment to preserving greenspace, can be used to address a range of environmental issues from air quality to stormwater runoff.

How to Plant Trees for Energy Conservation
Putting the right tree in the right place can provide shade and cool air in the summer and wind protection in the winter — all while simultaneously adding beauty and privacy to a landscape.

NCSU Researchers Working to Produce Trees for Ethanol Production
When it comes to America's dependence on foreign oil and the efforts to develop home-grown sources of renewable energy, such as ethanol, corn seems to get the most attention. However, if Vincent Chiang, professor of forest biotechnology and co-director of the Forest Biotechnology Group at North Carolina State University (NCSU), had his way, those engaged in the renewable energy debate would be focusing on more than corn-a lot more.

Goergen, Helms Provide Testimony on Role of Forests in Mitigating Climate Change
To ensure the role that forests and forest management can play in both sequestering carbon and providing the nation with a renewable source of energy, SAF has been part of these discussions and, in April and May, provided testimony during two congressional hearings on terrestrial carbon sequestration and climate change.