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Earning SAF CFEs

How do I know if an event offers SAF CFE credits?
Look for the SAF CFE logo and a promotional statement regarding approval from the Society of American Foresters. Please note: some promotional materials advertise the course as suitable for foresters' professional development. This does not mean it offers SAF CFEs. Look for the logo and statement.

How do I find a course offering SAF CFE credit?
Visit SAF CFE Meeting Search. The instructions will guide you. Over 2,500 courses are registered with SAF CFE each year.

How else can I earn SAF CFE credits?
Individuals may earn CFE credit through professional development and volunteer activities. Visit SAF CFEs: Definition, Guidelines, and Standards for more information.

What is a Continuing Forestry Education credit?
One SAF CFE (1.0 CFE) is equivalent to 1 contact hour or 60 minutes.

What is the difference between SAF CFE and other CFE?
Events approved for SAF CFE credit must meet standards set by the Certification Review Board. Only activities evaluated for SAF CFEs can be posted on the meeting calendar. There are other types of CFEs in the marketplace. However, SAF does not regulate other types of credit. We advise you to contact your state licensing board to see what other types of credit are acceptable toward your licensure requirements.