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Tracking Your SAF CFE Credits

How do I get a copy of my SAF CFE record?
You can call in your request (866 897-8720 ext. 122) or via e-mail.

Can a nonmember or non CF have their SAF CFE record tracked?
Yes, a nonmember or non CF can submit a yearly fee for SAF to track an individual's CFE record. Both hard copy and electronic records will be kept for a three-year period.

If a meeting was not evaluated for SAF CFE credit, can it be?
Yes, individuals must send a CFE Submission Form, a complete agenda, and evidence of attendance/completion to the SAF National Office. If additional information is needed for evaluation, the national office will contact the individual.

If providers did not submit attendance records, what will be accepted for evidence of attendance/completion?
Individuals must present acceptable documentation which includes the following items for Categories 1-CF; 1-FCA, and 2:
  • Program receipt which contains the name of meeting, date, and provider name
  • Certificate of completion /attendance with individuals name; date; program title; and provider's name
  • Receipt for hotel or airfare with individual's name; date; and location
  • Proof of passing and/or finishing any self-study courses
  • Attendance list from program provider including individuals name; date; program title; and provider's name.
What evidence of attendance/completion will be accepted for Category 3?
  • Meeting agenda listing provider's name; program title; dates; individual's name, presentation name, and length of presentation.
  • Copy of individual article with publication's name and date.
  • Letter or certificate from organization verifying volunteer activities. Please contact SAF directly to verify SAF activities.
Can an individual appeal an evaluation made by the SAF National Office?
Individuals can appeal SAF staff rejection of continuing forestry education. That appeals process is documented in the Administrative Rules and Procedures for the Certification Review Board.