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National Association of University Forest Resources Programs
NAUFRP's purpose is to advance the health, productivity, and sustainability of America's forests by providing university-based natural resource education, research, science, extension and international programs.

Council of Eastern Forest Technician Schools (CEFTS)
CEFTS was founded with the overall goal of improving the quality of Forest Technician education by facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among CEFTS members, fostering productive relationships between academic institutions and individual instructors, promoting consistency and academic integrity among the member institutions and representing the interests of its members to the Society of American Foresters.

Food and Agricultural Education Information System (FAEIS)
FAEIS compiles nationwide higher education data for the life, food, veterinary, human, natural resource, and agricultural sciences. These data include student enrollment, degrees awarded and placement at all degree levels. Examples of information that may be obtained from the FAEIS reporting system are shown in the two documents below.