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Restoring Appalachian Soils to Restore the Forests
08.20 ...more

Healthy Soils Provide Foundation for a Healthy Life on National Forests
08.07 ...more

Kootenai Forest finds Montanore mine in compliance despite objections
07.29 ...more

Virginia Tech professor helps develop new landscape sustainability ratings
06.19 ...more

Japanese tree plantations causing nitrogen pollution
06.11 ...more

Brissette: From seed to soil, she restores forests and wetlands
06.08 ...more

The sunny side: Colorado's rain brings some bright spots
06.03 ...more

Recommendations against use of N. fertilizers on radiata pine plantations
03.30 ...more

WHO agency categorizes Glyphosate as possibly carcinogenic to humans
03.23 ...more

State tackles steep challenges to step up logging oversight
03.20 ...more

Group plants trees in KY as part of effort to reforest strip-mined land
03.16 ...more

New BLM resource-management plan for parcels in Southwest Colorado
02.27 ...more

Ancient fires hold clues for future conditions
02.04 ...more

DNR proposes salvage logging in Carlton Complex Fire’s burn area
01.09 ...more

Let 100 Billion Trees Bloom: China’s Great Green Wall
12.16 ...more

Native fungus could be another tool for helping restore ghostly forests
12.12 ...more

Forest managers fear 'inevitable' mudslides in burn zone
12.12 ...more

Willow trees are cost-efficient cleaners of contaminated soil
12.12 ...more

Fracking gets green light in largest national forest on East Coast
11.19 ...more

Fracking to be permitted in GW National Forest
11.18 ...more

Logging part of rehabilitation in wake of wildfires
11.17 ...more

Roads removed to restore forest health
10.21 ...more

Study helps assess impact of temperature on belowground soil decomposition
09.24 ...more

State forest board looks at slope safety
09.08 ...more

Western Wildfires Leave Mudslide Threat in Their Wake
09.02 ...more

Local lawmakers weigh-in on PA lands drilling
07.22 ...more

Logging near landslide areas to face more reviews
05.12 ...more

Nutrient-rich forests absorb more carbon
04.15 ...more

Soil texture key in deforestation
04.15 ...more

University works to heal South Mall soil
03.31 ...more

Appeals court declines to rehear appeal over ANF mineral rights
02.21 ...more

Whiskey Complex timber sought by Forest Service
01.28 ...more

Study highlights link between tree cover and nutrition in children
01.20 ...more

Rim Fire Gives Opportunity to Restore Forest Differently
01.20 ...more

Mushrooms and earthworms work as 'silviculture'
01.13 ...more

Natural Gas Boom Cuts Into Pennsylvania's State Forests
01.10 ...more

Plan Looks at Future Oil, Gas Development on White River National Forest
01.09 ...more

Germany - controversially - still bombards forests with limestone
11.19 ...more

How badly does wildfire damage permafrost?
10.18 ...more

Microbiomes at the Roots: A New Look at Forest Ecology
10.07 ...more

Shedding Light in the Forest: Climate Change's Effects on Timber
09.26 ...more

Forest Service Announces Final Rule on Restoration of Soil, Water Resources
09.13 ...more

Deforestation Will Impact Kansans for Many Years to Come
05.13 ...more

Fracking still a possibility in Talladega National Forest
04.26 ...more

Biochar may reduce impact of Alberta oil sands
04.17 ...more

Federal agencies plan meeting on forest drilling
03.13 ...more

Warmer Soils Release Additional CO2 Into Atmosphere
01.25 ...more

Climate Change’s Effects on Temperate Rain Forests Surprisingly Complex
01.23 ...more

Forest Service investigates trail and forest damage
12.19 ...more

Conservationists and ranchers team up to aid land cultivation
12.17 ...more

Studies Conclude Forests Facing A Bleak, Dry Future
12.10 ...more

Conservation groups favor no new leasing' on WRNF
12.04 ...more

Printing Soil Science
11.29 ...more

Two groups to appeal approval of forest drilling
11.13 ...more

Soil sets Congo tree mix
11.05 ...more

Sparing an acre here and there in the latticework of oil development
10.15 ...more

How to Restore Native Grasslands in the Interior Pacific Northwest
10.08 ...more

Back Tree planting in China  a panacea for carbon and desertification?
09.05 ...more

Ohio national forest OKs natural-gas drilling
08.28 ...more

Deepening drought affects forests, fish, wildlife
08.16 ...more

Where Does the Nitrogen from Forest Fertilizers Go?
08.09 ...more

Parts of 2 forests being reseeded
07.30 ...more

Afforestation improves financial condition of poor people
07.24 ...more

Fracking's Footprint on Pennsylvania Forests
07.16 ...more

House bill would cut environmental review time for mines
07.13 ...more

Fracking debate reaches Alabama with forest drilling plan
07.11 ...more

Groups to protest national forest info session on drilling
07.09 ...more

Dying trees in Southwest set stage for erosion, water loss in Colorado Rive
06.27 ...more

State Catalogs Shale Holdings in Parks, Forests
06.14 ...more

Federal Government Delays Action of Forest Drilling
06.13 ...more

Wildfire and an Example of Its Important Link to the Ecosystem
06.04 ...more

Digging in to Study Soil in a Virtual Environment
03.12 ...more

Floor of Oldest Forest Discovered in Schoharie County
03.01 ...more

Soil Resource Inventory of the National Park System
02.09 ...more

Drilling Resumes in Allegheny National Forest
01.25 ...more

Study: Restored Wetlands Rarely Equal Condition of Original Wetlands
01.25 ...more

Carbon in permafrost soils could be released faster than thought
01.20 ...more

Landslide closes recreation area in Tillamook State Forest
12.07 ...more

BLM Reviews Grazing in Shoshone Basin
10.19 ...more

Bastrop County loses 1.5 million trees to wildfire
10.07 ...more

Soils of Basque forests could fix more carbon with a change in forest manag
10.06 ...more

Scientists Say Forests Are Key to Preventing Food Insecurity
09.14 ...more

Mine projects OK'd in roadless areas
08.17 ...more

Study Explores the Roots of Cooperation Between Plants and Fungi
08.15 ...more

Hidden Soil Fungus, Now Revealed, Is in a Class All Its Own
08.15 ...more

Illegal Dumping at Maui Forest Fuels Frustrations
07.20 ...more

Foresters From Other States Get Look At WV
07.13 ...more

W.Va. study raises questions about fracking fluid
07.13 ...more

Environmentalists seek to block drilling near Mount St. Helens
07.13 ...more

Kenya: Tree Farms Change Fortunes of Rural Women
07.07 ...more

Herbicides showing up in people
06.14 ...more

Engaging High School Students in Soil Science Inquiry
06.13 ...more

WV TACF and MeadWestvaco Committed to Species Restoration as part of SFI Co
05.02 ...more

Soil and Water Conservation urges stewardship
04.22 ...more

Can Biochar Help Suppress Greenhouse Gases?
04.21 ...more

Greenhouse Gases from Forest Soils
04.13 ...more

Strong turnout at biochar symposium shows local interest in restoration
04.12 ...more

Stanford's virtual reality lab focuses on conservation
04.08 ...more

Mangrove forests tabbed as key carbon sinks
04.05 ...more

Drought-exposed leaves adversely affect soil nutrients, study shows
04.05 ...more

Herbicide linked to birth defects
04.01 ...more

DCR to track farmers' conservation efforts
04.01 ...more

Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry officials study impact of lead at forest's
03.09 ...more

Carbon Dioxide Pollution Helps Weeds Thrive, Lowers Impact of Herbicides
02.17 ...more

Reversing climate change: Is charcoal the answer?
10.08 ...more

Farm, Forest Lands Being Protected, But Not Always For Farming Or Forestry
09.21 ...more

Bringing fire back safely for a healthy forest
09.21 ...more

Concern about herbicide damage to oak trees
09.07 ...more

Weeds chemical resistance is a growing crop problem
08.05 ...more

Through Microbes, Nitrogen Alters Soil Carbon Cycle
07.21 ...more

RapidEye Aids USGS With Colorado Imaging
07.08 ...more

How Vulnerable is Our Groundwater?
06.25 ...more

Carbon - 'a moveable feast'
06.22 ...more

The Effect of Landscape Position on Biomass Crop Yield
06.17 ...more

Seasons Influence Microbial Response to Climate Changes
06.10 ...more

Tracking surface water on a warming planet
06.02 ...more

Predicting Carbon Sinks, Regionally
06.01 ...more

Controlled fire helps keep Plant City area forest healthy
05.17 ...more

World Bank Works to Promote Environmentally-Sensitive Development Projects
05.11 ...more

A New Way to Use Herbicides: To Sterilize, Not Kill Weeds
05.05 ...more

American Contributions to Chinese Soil Science
05.03 ...more

Study: Soil Microbes Produce Less Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Than Expected
04.26 ...more

Study: upswing, value in forest and watershed restoration
04.13 ...more

Students plant trees as part of mine reclamation effort
04.13 ...more

Scientists to Unearth Ice Age Secrets from Preserved Tree Rings
04.05 ...more

Fire to help native shortleaf pines rejuvenate
03.29 ...more

Officials want input on forests around Kentucky for report
03.24 ...more

Scotland's soil a 'carbon threat'
03.17 ...more

Is Idaho ready for a repeat of the massive fires of 1910?
03.07 ...more

Haiti quake opportunity to restore rural ecology?
03.01 ...more

Haitian ambassador seeks aid from Yale
02.26 ...more

Forest Management Vital Role of Providence Water
02.24 ...more

Plant Buffers May Limit Spread of Antibiotics in Animal Waste
02.16 ...more

Mayor tells feds: You caused mud, you pay
02.08 ...more

Is Iron from Soil a Factor in Algal Blooms?
01.28 ...more

Soil and Water Conservation Society offers $1,000 scholarship
01.12 ...more

Rainstorm sends water, mud flowing into LA suburb
11.13 ...more

Officials look into effects of tree planting, removal
11.09 ...more

Move to restore mangrove forests
11.03 ...more

State uses federal grant to hold line against 'the perfect weed'
09.14 ...more

Rare, threatened flowers grow from ashes of Pinelands
09.14 ...more

Biofuel Contenders
Scitizen - 09.07 ...more

Utah Wildfire Prompts Flood Fears
Disaster News Network - 09.07 ...more

Flexible Soil Model Maps Remote Areas
SSSA - 08.24 ...more

Native plants take to the road
East Oregonian - 08.18 ...more

GPS Helps Locate Soil Erosion Pathways
American Society of Agronomy - 08.10 ...more

Measuring global soil changes
Soil Science Society of America - 08.10 ...more

City turns human waste into fertilizer for city trees
SanLuisObispo.com - 08.10 ...more

CU hosting nations first major biochar conference
Daily Camera - 08.10 ...more

Bend group sues BLM over new Steens Mtn. roads
KTVZ.com (OR) - 08.10 ...more

Bold Soil-Mapping Venture Seen as Crucial to Efforts on Climate, Agricultur
New York Times - 08.07 ...more

Ethanol Production Could Jeopardize Soil Productivity
American Society of Agronomy - News Release ...more

Greening Arctic Not Likely To Offset Permafrost Carbon Release ...more

Barrick wins approval to expand northern NV mine
Forbes - May 8 ...more

Nine Yrs. of Soil Carbon & Nitrogen Relations in the Duke Forest FACE Study
CO2 Science Magazine - May 5 ...more

American Chestnut, Elm Trees Planted on Reclaimed Mine Lands
The Forestry Source - May 2009 ...more

Coal land to transform into hardwood forest
Republican & Herald - April 29 ...more

Bush rule allowing coal waste valley fills 'legally defective'
Environment News Service - April 27 ...more