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Ash borers shrug off winter
04.10 ...more

Landowners learn how to fight tree-killing bug
04.08 ...more

Invaders changing nature’s face
04.04 ...more

South Dundas advised to make plan to fight ash borer
04.02 ...more

Beetle targets state's ash trees
04.01 ...more

In emerald ash borer fight, St. Paul sticks with strategy of removing trees
03.25 ...more

Fight to save Southeast hemlocks takes new tack
03.17 ...more

What could a little bug do to a big tree? Kill it
03.17 ...more

Next arbor crisis: Insect that destroys ash trees
03.17 ...more

Ohio’s Department of Agriculture to treat Gypsy Moth
03.12 ...more

Minneapolis to Remove 40K Ash Trees To Combat Borer
03.12 ...more

Salem ready to do battle with emerald ash borer
03.11 ...more

City begins ash tree phase-out
03.10 ...more

Deep freeze killed some invasive bugs
03.10 ...more

Brutal Cold Gives Forests Reprieve From Invasive Insects
03.05 ...more

Less Funding for Weed Management on White River National Forest
02.19 ...more

Black Hawk County confirms Emerald Ash Borer found
02.19 ...more

Forester: Ash borer's arrival in Colorado has not affected Windsor trees
02.11 ...more

Digital database will pay vital role in ash borer management
02.10 ...more

Foresters: Plan now for emerald ash borer outbreak
02.06 ...more

Polk County's plan to stall ash borer's spread met with questions
01.14 ...more

3rd landmark Pa. forest hit by invasive pest
01.10 ...more

US polar vortex brings Big Chill to forest pests - scientists
01.09 ...more

Community considers outside help with battle against emerald ash borer
01.02 ...more

Township to develop forestry plan ahead of EAB's arrival
12.03 ...more

Emerald ash borer puts Colorado tree experts on alert
11.25 ...more

Victoria scientists seek the genetic kill switch for invasive plants
11.25 ...more

Beetle type making life miserable
11.08 ...more

HWA Invades Flight 93 Memorial
11.07 ...more

Bittersweet a beautiful but bothersome plant
10.29 ...more

Denver prunes back pledge to plant 1 million trees
10.16 ...more

State forester: Bur oak, ash trees most at risk
10.15 ...more

Emerald ash borer plague hits Mechanicsville
10.04 ...more

Council weighs pros, cons of ash tree options
10.01 ...more

Changes ahead for Forest City’s canopy in ash borer era
09.30 ...more

NC Fights Invasive Beetle With Stingerless Wasp
09.24 ...more

Kentucky Forestry Officials Plan to Meet on Growing Emerald Ash Borer Issue
09.16 ...more

Burlington surveys ash trees for destructive bug
09.16 ...more

Ash borer provides an opening for research into urban noise
09.09 ...more

Emerald ash borer beetles prompt forestry precautions
09.09 ...more

Invasive insect attacking region's hemlock growth
09.03 ...more

Native Species Step Up to Fight Ash Parasite
08.19 ...more

Minneapolis offers chance to get rid of ash before the borer
08.14 ...more

Woodpecker population surges as birds discover emerald ash borer
08.13 ...more

Traps set up around state to track destructive Ash Borer beetle
08.12 ...more

Emerald ash borer foe found
08.09 ...more

Invasive insect that kills ash trees bores way into Fairfield County
08.05 ...more

Lake Zurich fighting emerald ash borer
08.01 ...more

Fort Drum foresters spread awareness of invasive emerald ash borer
08.01 ...more

Maine seeks to expand pest ban
07.30 ...more

Forest City aims for tree diversity
07.29 ...more

Authorities Have Concerns About Gypsy Moths
07.24 ...more

Hay Swamp chosen as research site into control of emerald ash borer
07.08 ...more

Jefferson County the latest to fall victim to emerald ash borer
07.08 ...more

Bolingbrook battles emerald ash borer
06.18 ...more

Foresters use DNA to battle cogongrass
06.03 ...more

Evanstonians to rally against ash borers
05.29 ...more

Milwaukee set for bigger infestation of emerald ash borers
05.23 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed in Delaware & Otsego Counties
05.21 ...more

The Invaders: Emerald ash borer
05.15 ...more

Tree-killing beetle gone from Manhattan, Staten Island
05.15 ...more

Milwaukee's trees keep giving
05.13 ...more

Emperor Ash Beetle risk seen locally
04.29 ...more

Emerald ash borer found in Beloit
04.25 ...more

Chicago to treat parkway ash trees against beetle
04.24 ...more

City prepares for ash tree decimation
04.23 ...more

State says sayonara to the Asian long-horned beetle
04.23 ...more

Evanston to remove about 400 infested ash trees
04.19 ...more

Beetles battle invasive bug in Freeport park
04.17 ...more

Emerald ash borer could have big economic impact
04.15 ...more

Historic Pa. forest faces invasive insect threat
04.12 ...more

Beetles to Fight Insects in Maine State Parks
04.11 ...more

City to treat significant ash trees for Emerald Ash Borer
04.11 ...more

Insect Threat to Hemlock Trees Discovered in Western PA State Parks
04.09 ...more

Quarantine aims to stop beetle
04.09 ...more

Ash Borer Continues Spread Across Kentucky
04.01 ...more

Tiny bug offers ray of hope for hemlocks
03.25 ...more

Scientists trying to thwart kudzu bug
01.28 ...more

Brookfield prepares to battle emerald ash borer
01.23 ...more

DNA testing could help track deadly Chalara ash disease
01.22 ...more

Emerald ash borer found in La Crescent
01.04 ...more

Invasive insects plague Ohio
01.04 ...more

State to replace trees in Shrewsbury
12.20 ...more

Ash dieback disease could alter the landscape of England
12.17 ...more

Beetles in firewood pose serious risk to trees
12.17 ...more

Massachusetts, private initiative to replant 30,000 trees
12.12 ...more

Foresters peel ash trees in search of emerald ash borer
12.11 ...more

Beetles released to attack invasive species
12.07 ...more

Forestry research needs to cross scientific boundaries to make REDD+ work
12.06 ...more

Biological Control Released At Martha Sundquist State Forest To Protect Hem
12.06 ...more

APA taking comments on clear-cutting, invasives
12.04 ...more

As tree pests are spreading, take care with firewood
11.26 ...more

Ash borers take toll on Lake Forest trees
10.30 ...more

MN: Next tree threat could be Asian long-horned beetle
10.29 ...more

Imports ban bid to save ash trees
10.29 ...more

Oak tree death increases across California
10.16 ...more

Hemlock pilot project expanding
10.15 ...more

Mapping Species Invasions
08.24 ...more

Insects, disease, drought taking their toll on trees
08.24 ...more

NH forestry officials ask to keep an eye on pests
08.21 ...more

Concerns grow for ash trees as pest nears Midlands
08.06 ...more

Ash Borer Could Devastate State's Forests
07.24 ...more

The battle between Foresters and the Dutch Elm Disease continues
07.23 ...more

NH protects itself from emerald ash borer
07.23 ...more

Va. forestry reports spread of ash-boring beetle
07.12 ...more

Phytophthora ramorum research breakthrough announced
07.12 ...more

Unwelcome Pests Often Hitch a Ride
06.14 ...more

Control of Invasive Moth in Harpswell Expected to Take Year
06.06 ...more

Grand Forks foresters call attention to ash-killing pest
05.22 ...more

Pests threatening Ohio's hemlock trees
05.08 ...more

Tree Killer Crosses the Hudson
04.19 ...more

UCSB Study Shows Forest Insects and Diseases Arrive in US Via Imported Plan
04.16 ...more

Researchers Seek Fix for Destructive Bug
04.11 ...more

Guide for Managing Invasive Plants
04.06 ...more

Invasive beetles destroy more than 500 Evanston trees
04.03 ...more

AU researchers use detection dogs to find pythons
03.29 ...more

US Forest Service Research Used in New, Invasive-Plant Software
02.22 ...more

Auburn researchers conduct python-tracking study using specially trained do
02.09 ...more

Fairport to remove 127 ash trees due to Emerald Ash Borer
01.27 ...more

Laurel wilt spreads
01.23 ...more

Officials Discover Hemlock Pest in Southeast Ohio Forest
01.20 ...more

Fighting fire with seed: aerial planting to combat cheatgrass
01.11 ...more

Ontario's maples at risk from invading beetles
01.11 ...more

Ecologists: Screen Plant Imports to Foil Invasives
01.10 ...more

Bug remains threat to trees
01.05 ...more

Cades Cove to be closed for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid spraying
11.29 ...more

Report Offers Help in Fight Against Japanese Stiltgrass
11.28 ...more

Fences recommended for Kauai reserve
11.07 ...more

Even with their puffy pink blossoms, mimosas still a pest on national park
10.27 ...more

Tree-killing insect found farther north and east in N.Y.
10.27 ...more

U.S. pest invasions date back to early settlers
10.10 ...more

Larch tree disease found in Galloway
10.10 ...more

Oak disease gets out of S. Ore. quarantine zone
10.04 ...more

Drop in gypsy moths called encouraging
10.03 ...more

Hemlocks Still Abundant Despite Adelgid Infestations
09.27 ...more

Ash borers found in more St. Paul Trees
09.26 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer, Thousand Cankers Disease continues to spread
09.14 ...more

ISU takes steps against emerald ash borer
09.14 ...more

Beetle devours San Diego County oaks -- rest of state may be next
09.08 ...more

City has treated 4,300 ash trees
09.06 ...more

Asian longhorned beetle has taste for maples, new study finds
09.01 ...more

DNR responds to emerald ash borer beetles found in La Crosse County
08.24 ...more

State working to keep long-horned invaider out
08.16 ...more

China releases bees to curb American moth plague
08.08 ...more

Alien moths vacuumed out of trees to save waterside woodland
07.29 ...more

Three charged with breaking ash tree quarantine
07.25 ...more

Pests invading NC forests
07.19 ...more

Sudden oak death under siege in San Mateo County
07.18 ...more

New Guide to Managing Invasive Plants in the South
07.13 ...more

Asian weed invading Lake, Sumter counties
07.07 ...more

Emerald ash borer eating into Petoskey forestry budget
06.27 ...more

Ohio's new bug threat to trees can be defeated, but not quickly
06.27 ...more

City embarking on massive tree removal project
06.20 ...more

Emerald ash borer found in Howard County
06.20 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Buffalo
06.16 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer found in Rochester Ash trees
06.16 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer: Beware of this pest
06.10 ...more

Battling a giant problem
06.10 ...more

Ecology Biased Against Non-Native Species?
06.10 ...more

Moisture minimizes gypsy moths in Shenandoah park
06.06 ...more

The Emerald Ash Borer Continues to Ravage Algonquins Trees
06.02 ...more

Firewood Best Left At Home, Forest Service Says
05.31 ...more

Citizens committee takes steps to save Cherokee Triangle's ash trees from b
05.25 ...more

Purple Boxes in Trees
05.24 ...more

Poconos gypsy moth population down
05.24 ...more

Tis The Season - To Slow The Spread Of Invasive Species
05.17 ...more

Cherokee Triangle Association acts to protect ash trees
05.16 ...more

Ash borer infestation found in New York's Hudson Valley Read more: Ash bor
05.06 ...more

Ash trees coming down in Vernon Hills
04.22 ...more

Ohio Department of Natural Resources expands ash tree removal program
04.19 ...more

Invasive insect's population explodes, worrying state forestry officials
04.13 ...more

More than 800 Grand Rapids city trees will be treated against the emerald a
04.12 ...more

Forum at UT spotlights thousand cankers disease of walnut trees
04.12 ...more

Phytophthora lateralis confirmed in trees at second Scottish site
04.05 ...more

Emerald ash borer tops Iowans' forest, woodlands concerns
04.05 ...more

Ash borer battle will be costly
04.05 ...more

Killer disease found in two new species of Irish tree
04.01 ...more

Foreign Beetle discovered in shipping crate
03.28 ...more

Woodpeckers Pointing the Way to Emerald Ash Borer
03.14 ...more

Denbighshire trees affected by sudden oak death felled
03.07 ...more

How the emerald ash borer survives Canadian winters
03.04 ...more

Work to halt tree diseases at Balloch park
02.28 ...more

Bugged out and heading north
02.23 ...more

Carbon Dioxide Pollution Helps Weeds Thrive, Lowers Impact of Herbicides
02.17 ...more

Wild weed accounts for 14% of green cover
02.09 ...more

Forest Service says new hemlock treatments are working
02.02 ...more

Growing Like Bamboo
01.31 ...more

City prepares to guard ash trees
01.31 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer moving toward Iowa's ash tree population
01.25 ...more

New wasp released by scientists in Auckland
01.25 ...more

Killer disease threatens to wipe out Forest
01.21 ...more

Iowa Ash Trees in Peril
01.19 ...more

Sudden death for thousands of trees
01.10 ...more

Cedar Rapids Crews Begin Tree Removal to Fight Ash Borer
01.10 ...more

State Official Declares Hemlock Attacker A Nuisance
01.06 ...more

woodlands and urban trees are at serious risk
01.05 ...more

Forest Pests Accumulating Despite Regulations
12.08 ...more

Cades Cove Loop closed to treat hemlock wooly adelgids
12.01 ...more

New tree disease Phytophthora lateralis found in Scotland
11.30 ...more

Firewood restriction in effect on state land
11.05 ...more

Survival of Europe's fittest
10.19 ...more

Invasive Tallowtree Spreading Rapidly Across Gulf Coast
10.12 ...more

Researchers Create Map to Track Sudden Oak Death Pathogen Across State
10.06 ...more

Invasive insects make big stink
10.05 ...more

Killer hemlock bug found in Chickamauga
10.04 ...more

Invasive insects threaten Madisons local flora
10.04 ...more

I Just Want to Pull Weeds
10.01 ...more

Popcorn trees alter wildlife habitats
09.30 ...more

Hundreds of Ash Trees Coming Down to Prevent Beetle Infestation
09.21 ...more

Ohio's war against the emerald ash borer is over: the bug won
09.21 ...more

The $36-million beetle
09.21 ...more

Hydrilla horrors: Invasive plant causes bird deaths at lake
09.17 ...more

Ash borer shows up in Perth
09.17 ...more

Staying on Top of Non-Native Invasive Threats (Talking with Ed Barnard)
09.13 ...more

Predatory Beetles Could Help Hemlocks
09.09 ...more

Walnut Disease Closer to Missouri
09.08 ...more

Disease presents problem for trees around UF
09.08 ...more

On guard for
09.07 ...more

EAB Could Become Problem in Central Wisconsin
09.07 ...more

Bedbugs? Other Strange Invaders Threaten Much Wider Damage
09.07 ...more

Indiana bans walnut products, trees from infested states
08.31 ...more

Pest could pose serious threat to Island's trees
08.31 ...more

Volunteers take on cattails
08.26 ...more

Now is time to look for gypsy moth egg masses
08.25 ...more

Tiny beetle attacking Waterloo Region's ash trees
08.24 ...more

Vilas County joins invasive species partnership
08.23 ...more

Officials tracking tree fungus
08.19 ...more

'Sudden death' blight threat to Ireland's forests
08.18 ...more

St. Paul Removing More Ash Trees
08.18 ...more

Trees felled in Exmoor and Quantocks as disease spreads
08.17 ...more

Tree disease 'worse than Dutch Elm'
08.13 ...more

Wasp to defeat 'skeletoniser'
08.11 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine Expanded to 43 Counties;
08.10 ...more

Will Tree Program Buy Milwaukee Time?
08.10 ...more

Will wasps save horse chestnut trees?
08.09 ...more

Invasive species - EAB
08.09 ...more

Grants Aid Pennsylvania DCNR Efforts to Combat Forest Insect Pests, Invasiv
08.09 ...more

Looking for Signs of the Emerald Ash Borer
08.06 ...more

TN's ash and walnut trees are threatened
08.05 ...more

Weeds chemical resistance is a growing crop problem
08.05 ...more

AFC works to prevent possible infestation
08.04 ...more

No plans to tackle insect that kills ash trees
08.04 ...more

WSP committee pushes EAB action
08.02 ...more

Asian longhorned beetle threat has state officials scrambling
08.02 ...more

NJ Asks Campers Not To Bring Their Own Firewood
08.02 ...more

Sylvania rejects funds to clear ash trees
07.27 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer Detected in Steuben and Ulster Counties
07.26 ...more

Gypsy moth caterpillar found in Duluth
07.26 ...more

Vestal braces for arrival of ash borer
07.26 ...more

Pests found close to CT
07.22 ...more

Gypsy moth trapping under way in Bellevue
07.20 ...more

Keeping forest pest at bay
07.20 ...more

Ash borer infestation to claim 105 Fort Wayne trees
07.19 ...more

Despite spending $640,000 to fight it, the city has lost the battle with th
07.19 ...more

Hogweed rears its ugly head
07.16 ...more

Beetles cause for concern
07.16 ...more

Officials Try to Control Toxic Hogweed
07.13 ...more

Researcher warns of hogweed spreading nationwide
07.12 ...more

Feral swine poised to run hog wild over landscape if not stopped soon
07.09 ...more

Invasive plant that can cause blindness is popping up in Ontario, B.C.
07.09 ...more

Milton on Lookout for Asian Beetles
07.09 ...more

Asian beetle isnt here yet
07.08 ...more

Rally Put off Due to Phytophthora Ramorum Epidemic
07.07 ...more

Weed-Sniffing Dogs Help Bust Invasive Plants
06.25 ...more

City to cut down 300 ash trees
06.25 ...more

Officials: Tree blight not contained
06.25 ...more

06.24 ...more

Tree plan introduces bugs
06.23 ...more

Allamakee County to help prevent spread of Emerald Ash Borer
06.15 ...more

Researchers hope hybrids mean return of chestnuts
06.07 ...more

More Trees Fall Victim to Emerald Ash Borer
06.04 ...more

Forestry officials on the lookout for destructive emerald ash borers in Wis
06.01 ...more

WI DNR Hopes to Stop Hitchhiking Bugs
06.01 ...more

Fargo steps up effort to fight emerald ash borer
05.20 ...more

County, area communities go to war with gypsy moths
05.18 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Bedford County; Quarantine Expanded
05.18 ...more

New guidance on oak tree disease published
05.18 ...more

Emerald ash borer found in Northeast Iowa
05.14 ...more

Ash borer taking its toll
05.12 ...more

Tiny Pests Represent Big Threats to Kansas Trees
05.11 ...more

Pulling Together to Fight Invasive Species
05.10 ...more

Spring best time to identify cogongrass
05.07 ...more

A New Way to Use Herbicides: To Sterilize, Not Kill Weeds
05.05 ...more

NC State Researchers Help Track Wayward Pests Through Mapping
05.04 ...more

Local Communities Make Action Plans For Ash Borer
05.04 ...more

Oak disease 'threatens landscape'
04.28 ...more

Now Britain's oaks face killer disease
04.28 ...more

Neighborhoood gets tough new elms
04.28 ...more

Horse chestnut canker research could provide key to tackling disease
04.27 ...more

Volunteers sought to identify tree problems
04.22 ...more

DNA boost in battle against bleeding canker
04.21 ...more

Stimulus jobs target invasive plants in forests
04.21 ...more

Invasive Species a Signifianct Threat To ND Tree Population
04.12 ...more

Bugged out
04.08 ...more

Study: logging debris suppresses development of Scotch broom
04.02 ...more

Asian invaders threaten MC
04.02 ...more

Fargo warns to be prepared for Emerald Ash Border
03.31 ...more

Asian longhorned beetle is a major threat
03.26 ...more

Preparing for the borer war
03.16 ...more

Effort to counter hemlock pest is multistate job
03.15 ...more

Biosurveillance- Forest Managers Use Wasps to Search for Invasive Beetle
03.12 ...more

You can help battle emerald ash borer
03.03 ...more

Bloomingdale needs residents' help in fighting ash borer
03.02 ...more

2,400 trees to be planted
03.02 ...more

City removes EAB infected trees
02.26 ...more

City preparing for emerald ash borer
02.12 ...more

Village of Ada to seek aid in removing ash trees
02.11 ...more

CG council will consider ash borer plan
02.03 ...more

Wis. DNR to outline gypsy moth fight
02.02 ...more

Area's fight against gypsy moths continues
02.01 ...more

Pruning trees in winter can help reduce the spread of oak wilt
01.29 ...more

Symposium to examine importance of ash trees in North America
01.28 ...more

City receives emerald ash borer grant
01.28 ...more

Plan being formulated to save ash trees here
01.21 ...more

Tiny pest poses big danger to U.S. northern forests; action plan set
01.13 ...more

$41.5M dedicated to beetle battle
01.11 ...more

Disease only found in Leicestershire is killing trees
01.08 ...more

Sudden Oak Death threatens British trees
01.05 ...more

High-Level Alliance Aims to Save Forests
12.16 ...more

Daunting threat to save timber
12.07 ...more

Arborists ponder how to deal with emerald ash borer
12.02 ...more

He's on full alert for bad beetles
11.24 ...more

Sudden Oak Death: Nowlin will lead discussion
11.19 ...more

Ash trees' loss would be costly all around
11.16 ...more

Weeds threaten wildlife and create fire hazard in Deep South
11.03 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Juniata County; Quarantine Expanded
11.03 ...more

Destructive cogongrass threatens crops, timber
11.02 ...more

Researchers introduce bug, hoping to kill hemlock pest
10.27 ...more

Asian Longhorned Beetle Threatens State's Forests
10.13 ...more

Meet The Beetles and Folks Who Study Them
10.12 ...more

Fighting the Emerald Ash Borer
10.12 ...more

Scientists race to prevent ash tree's extinction
10.08 ...more

New strategies target emerald ash borer
10.07 ...more

Gypsy moth spraying will be rare in 2010 as PA insect population wanes
10.07 ...more

Emerald ash borer on state's doorstep
10.04 ...more

Can't see the invasive species for the trees? Check your woods
09.16 ...more

Pigs replace chemicals to manage forest plants
09.16 ...more

State uses federal grant to hold line against 'the perfect weed'
09.14 ...more

Officials to discuss Burmese python problem in FL
Orlando Sentinel - 09.08 ...more

Be on the beetle look out
Clarion News - 09.08 ...more

Ash borer continues its march
Daily News (WI) - 09.04 ...more

Beware of giant hogweed
Canoe.ca - 09.03 ...more

City braces for new tree scourge
Winnipeg Free Press - 08.31 ...more

Asian longhorned beetle called threat to N.H. forests
Seacoast Online - 08.26 ...more

APA warned to be pro-active on insects
Press Republican (NY) - 08.18 ...more

Emerald ash borer beetle provides latest threat to N.J. forests
Star-Ledger (NJ) - 08.20 ...more

Native plants take to the road
East Oregonian - 08.18 ...more

Ransom County declares yellow toadflax a noxious weed
Farm and Ranch Guide - 08.18 ...more

ALB killing trees, affecting tourism
WWLP (MA) - 08.12 ...more

Wet spring kills harmful gypsy moths in Virginia
News and Advance (VA) - 08.11 ...more

Tree Trouble
News Telegram - 08.10 ...more

Bend group sues BLM over new Steens Mtn. roads
KTVZ.com (OR) - 08.10 ...more

Another invasive species munches its way into area
Post-Bulletin (MN) - 7.31 ...more

Ash borer discovered in Beavercreek
Dayton Daily - 7.29 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Indiana County; Quarantine Expanded
American Chronicle - 7.28 ...more

City adds ash borer to list for tree removal
SC Times (MN) - 7.28 ...more

Beetle Bill boosts bucks to combat Asian bugs
Queens Courier - 7. 27 ...more

Chemicals now available to combat beetle invasion
NECN.com (New England) - 7.28 ...more

Invasive Insects Threaten Maine's Forests
WCSH.com - 7.27 ...more

Predators battle bugs, become pests themselves
Associated Press - 07.21 ...more

Fungus Tapped to Take on Kudzu
USDA - 07.16 ...more

Wasp Enlisted To Combat Tree-killing Beetle
AP News- 7.15 ...more

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Armstrong, Washington Counties; Quarantine Expan
PR Newswire - 7.13 ...more

Maintaining the tree canopy
Daily Planet - 7. 12 ...more

More use grazing sheep, goats against invasive weeds, vines
USA Today - 07.02 ...more

Minnesotans challenged to control emerald ash borer
AgriNews - 6.23 ...more

Emerald ash borer may drastically alter ecosystem
AgriNews - 6.23 ...more

New Threat to New York Trees
SUNY ESF - 06.18 ...more

St. Paul drafts long-term plan to battle threat to its ash trees
MN Star Tribune - 06.18 ...more

Emerald ash borer surveys being conducted in Pennsylvania
Penn State News Release ...more

Changing climate may make 'super weed' even more powerful
University of Delaware - News Release ...more

State officials scouting Northeast Iowa for emerald ash borer
Decorah Newspapers (Iowa) - June 8 ...more

BC biomass plant would use trees killed by pine beetles
Biomass Magazine - May 27 ...more

"Parasitic insect" (Ash Borer) found in 2 Ky counties
Associated Press - May 27 ...more

Plan to combat beetles on Smuggler moving forward
Aspen Daily News - May 20 ...more

Deadly Ash Tree Insect Nears North Dakota
KX.net.com (Minot, ND) - May 20 ...more

Ash borer continues its decimation of Ohio trees
Dayton Daily News - May 20 ...more

NB forestry experts fear spread of Gypsy moths widening in province
Amherst Daily (CA) - May 27 ...more

DNR awards $1.3M to fight aquatic invasive species
WBAY - May 2 ...more

Researchers Race against Clock to Manage White Pine Blister Rust
The Forestry Source - July 2009 ...more

Verbenone Flakes May Help Slow Mountain Pine Beetle's Spread
The Forestry Source - April 2009 ...more

Study: Hemlock Mortality Quicker in South than in Northeast
The Forestry Source - April 2009 ...more

PA DCNR to Combat Gypsy Moth Damage
PR Newswire - Apr 27 ...more

Folly begins burning trees on island hit by fungus
Post and Courier (SC) - March 19 ...more