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Goergen on Wood Use in Green Building (video) ...more

413,000 Acres of Florida State Forests Certified
09.29 ...more

Over 100,000 hectares of private forests certified in Finland
09.16 ...more

Smartply launches structural OSB panel
08.13 ...more

Kane Hardwood Completes 20 Years of FSC Certification
07.30 ...more

Oregon Ranch honored for 50 years of forest health
06.19 ...more

APP increases availability of PEFC certified products
06.08 ...more

IKEA, FAO to work together on sustainable forest management
06.03 ...more

FSC launches video showing sustainable office developments
05.20 ...more

County drops logging certification
05.18 ...more

Bullard, Ring among new SFI board members
04.20 ...more

Georgia May Ban Green Certification For State Buildings
03.25 ...more

SCS Global Certifies Large Forest Area in South Asia Under FSC Standard
03.25 ...more

State ban on environmentally friendly construction advances
03.24 ...more

Canadian forest products industry leads world in certified forests
03.06 ...more

Ecolabel seen as benefit to NZ forestry
01.28 ...more

Certification incentives to reduce illegal logging may miss their mark
01.27 ...more

Group updates green label forestry standards
01.09 ...more

Plum Creek lumber’s ‘green’ certification challenged
12.19 ...more

Along the Mekong, forest-payment schemes are a study in contrasts
12.17 ...more

Biomass plant wins forestry sourcing certification
10.29 ...more

American Forest Foundation Mobilizes Field Inspectors
10.14 ...more

Combined forest cert. improves business for Brazil-nut growers: study
06.05 ...more

Certified Wood Tops the List for Intl. Paper’s Sustainability Report
06.03 ...more

Rainforest Alliance Lifts Suspension of IKEA Subsidiary
03.13 ...more

IKEA subsidiary loses forestry accreditation
02.26 ...more

Forestry experts to talk sustainability, certification at workshop
01.14 ...more

First Nations Choose SFI as Lake Nipigon Forest Gets Certified
12.19 ...more

SFI & AFF Announce Innovative Project to Promote Longleaf Pine Conservation
12.13 ...more

LEED green-building certification under attack by lawmakers, rival
12.06 ...more

Initiative for sustainable timber sourcing launched
11.11 ...more

Certification heats up Forestry debate
10.29 ...more

Reaching for Sustainability
09.24 ...more

Oregon decides not to certify state forests
09.19 ...more

The multi-million dollar question: Is forest certification working?
09.19 ...more

Massena mill wins industry certification for wood fuel pellets
08.27 ...more

Pulp fiction?
08.15 ...more

Carbon market could enable California polluters
07.15 ...more

SFI, Audubon Team Up to Implement Conservation
06.19 ...more

Maine Biomass-to-Energy Company Wins SFI Certification
06.14 ...more

Bill targeting green building projects overhauled
06.12 ...more

States fight over local wood
06.11 ...more

States Fight Green-Building Leader Over Local Wood
06.10 ...more

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Seeks Input on 2015-2019 Standard
06.06 ...more

When is 'green' logging really green?
05.31 ...more

Timber industry goes after green LEED certification
05.31 ...more

Georgia-Pacific Receives SFI Certification for Dixie Foodservice Products
05.20 ...more

NC House to take final vote on anti-LEED bill
05.14 ...more

Certification Uncertainty
05.07 ...more

Anti-LEED bill goes before N.C. House committee
05.07 ...more

Coffee For A Cause: What Do Those Feel-Good Labels Deliver?
04.24 ...more

Forest Nails Down Harvest Figure For Stewardship Contract
04.10 ...more

Green Diamond qualifies for FSC certification; holds public meeting
02.20 ...more

Green Diamond qualifies for FSC certification, holds public meeting
02.15 ...more

IKEA Faces Criticism Over Use of FSC Certification
12.18 ...more

Ikea to go 'forest positive' – but serious challenges lie ahead
12.14 ...more

Kentucky's State Forests Attain Certification for Sustainable Management
12.04 ...more

WWF wrestles with illegal timber in supply chains
11.30 ...more

P&G to Drop Uncertified Pulp By 2015
11.13 ...more

In U.S. building industry, is it too easy to be green?
11.01 ...more

Disney's new paper policy seeks recycled content
10.12 ...more

Ecological Collaborations Bring Out the Best in Land Use and Stakeholders
09.13 ...more

Georgia Dumps LEED Wood Standard for State Buildings
08.16 ...more

Reports address US pellet production, EU sustainability criteria
07.18 ...more

Weyerhaeuser Establishes Procurement Preference for American Tree Farm Syst
07.10 ...more

New SFI Report Reveals How Today's Decisions Impact the Future of Forests
06.19 ...more

Resolute Forest Products World's Largest Manager of FSC Certified Forests
06.13 ...more

IKEA under fire for ancient tree logging
05.29 ...more

Pennsylvania Forest Management Earns Certification
04.02 ...more

Forest Stewardship Council U.S. To Partner with CBS EcoMedia Inc.
03.30 ...more

Safeway commits to responsibly-sourced paper products
03.14 ...more

Jackson County Tree Farmers Named Outstanding
03.06 ...more

Voluntary carbon offsetting using forests on the rise despite climate risks
03.02 ...more

FSC members approve revised Principles & Criteria
03.02 ...more

Reforestation Project is First VCS Registered Forest Carbon Offset Project
02.22 ...more

New Report Explains Chain-of-Custody for Certified Wood Products
02.14 ...more

Maine Executive Order Puts Forest Certification on Equal Footing
12.08 ...more

FSC is conducting survey of federal forestlands
10.19 ...more

Goergen: LEED standards should embrace products from state's forests ...more

Gibson raid ignites passions
09.21 ...more

Farleys honored for growing trees, managing woodlands
08.10 ...more

Forest certification: a small step towards sustainability
08.08 ...more

Weyerhaeuser's 2010 Sustainability Performance Available Online
06.28 ...more

FSC mulls controversial motion to certify plantations responsible for recen
06.24 ...more

SFI Funds Community-Based Education and Green Building Projects
06.20 ...more

Updated LEED Demand Response Pilot Credit
06.17 ...more

Large cache of illegal rosewood seized
06.16 ...more

Mattel To Develop A More Sustainable Packaging Policy
06.13 ...more

Verso Paper Corp. Continues Efforts toward Increased Certified Forest Acrea
06.08 ...more

SFI Inc. Welcomes Extension of Maine Forest Certification Project
06.07 ...more

Maersk Line Transitions Away From Uncertified Tropical Hardwood
06.06 ...more

By Barcoding Trees, Liberia Looks to Save its Rainforests
05.31 ...more

U.S. Army, Red River Depot Achieves Tree Farm Certification
05.25 ...more

SFI Conservation Grant Helps The Nature Trust of BC Protect Unique Ecosyste
05.24 ...more

Fairtrade and Forest Stewardship Council Aim to Reinvigorate Economy in Dep
05.24 ...more

Can Bolivia Harvest Its Forests Sustainably?
05.17 ...more

Paper makers pursue
05.17 ...more

Nature Conservancy of Canada and SFI Partner to Protect Bat Populations
05.09 ...more

Indonesia, EU sign pact on sustainable timber
05.04 ...more

New study navigates forest standards maze
05.03 ...more

PEI leading the way with forest certification
04.28 ...more

Is Wood A Green Building Material?
04.11 ...more

The Eco-Label Battle Continues
04.04 ...more

Latvia's pulp fiction
04.04 ...more

USDA Ramps Up Pro-Wood, Pro-Green Policies
03.31 ...more

Battle of the Eco-Labels: Controversial Forest Certification Standard Dropp
03.29 ...more

Fortune 500 Companies Drop
03.28 ...more

Forever Redwood CEO: Sustainable Forestry Standards Are Not Enough
03.09 ...more

BC: a stronghold for sustainable forestry
03.09 ...more

DNR achieves recertification of nearly 5 million acres
02.01 ...more

SFI Celebrates Success of Conservation Grant Program and Invites 2011 Appli
01.11 ...more

Smurfit-Stone Expands Chain-of-Custody Certification to Entire Mill System
01.06 ...more

LEED Rejects Alternative Wood Certification, Sticks With FSC
12.09 ...more

USGBC Wood Policy Stands (for Now) After Battle Over Eco-Labels
12.09 ...more

Rumble In The Lumberyard: FSC Wins This Round
12.07 ...more

Greenbuild Wrap-Up: Top 10 Products, New LEED System
11.19 ...more

Eco-certification: Who watches the watchers?
11.16 ...more

The Question of LEED
11.04 ...more

USGBC's Vote on Wood Certification Standards Starts Oct. 25
10.20 ...more

Green infrastructure database available online
10.18 ...more

Weyerhaeuser Enters into Historic Sustainable Forest Licence Agreement
10.14 ...more

Proposed Revisions to FTCs
10.08 ...more

Eco-Certification - Who Watches the Watchers?
10.08 ...more

How to manage an FSC forest
10.05 ...more

New Code to Determine the Quality of Forest Carbon Projects
10.04 ...more

Ueland Tree Farm Certified as Sustainable
09.30 ...more

A Daring Détente in the Boreal Forest
09.28 ...more

'LEED is a laggard, rather than a leader': SFI CEO
09.24 ...more

COST sets sights on sustainable forestry products, services
09.15 ...more

Experts Find Shortage of FSC Wood Statewide Could Lead to a Price Premium f
09.08 ...more

Santa Cruz Mountains lures cash for trapping carbon
08.31 ...more

Forestry Commission tests carbon sequestration standard
08.23 ...more

REDD Acounting Method Approved by Auditors
08.17 ...more

County forests get good grade
08.12 ...more

SFI applies for PEFC re-endorsement
08.06 ...more

EU Delegation commends progress on development of Wood Tracking System
08.03 ...more

Public Input Invited During State Forest Certification Audit
07.27 ...more

Cheakamus Community Forest seeking highest certification
07.22 ...more

New Rules May Make Oregon Timber Officially 'Sustainable'
07.20 ...more

Finnish FSC standard moves closer
07.12 ...more

Forest Stewardship Council assessor course proves popular
06.24 ...more

Elopak secures FSC certification for key European sites
06.18 ...more

FSC, LEI strive to advance responsible forest management in Indonesia
06.09 ...more

Rich nations accused over 'logging loophole' at Bonn climate talks
06.08 ...more

SFI shows how partnerships yield benefits for forests and communities
06.04 ...more

Northern Pulp signs environment stewardship agreement
06.01 ...more

WWF-India meet in Kerala on responsible wood trade and forest certification
05.28 ...more

SFI Invests in Conservation and Community Partnerships
05.21 ...more

Georgia's Forests Could be Rich in Carbon Credits
05.20 ...more

Group hosts tree farm tour
05.18 ...more

Institute calls for recognition of all certified wood
05.10 ...more

Environmental certification becoming increasingly crowded and contested fie
05.03 ...more

Sustainable forestry may save open space
05.03 ...more

Indiana Division of Forestry Achieves Certification for 520,000 Acres
04.21 ...more

Scientific Certification Systems Certifies 500,000 Acres of Indiana Forests
03.31 ...more

SRWMD Successfully Completes Forestry Operations Audit
03.25 ...more

Wood Groups Dislike USGBC's Third Try To Write Rules on LEED Points
03.17 ...more

The Green Building Battles
03.02 ...more

Georgia-Pacific Wood Obtains SFI Certification for its Lumber Products
01.21 ...more

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Releases New Standard
01.15 ...more

Weyerhaeuser Introduces Pro Series
01.12 ...more

Harden Furniture to help restore salmon to stream
12.07 ...more

Amazon lumberjacks take lead in sustainable forestry
12.04 ...more

Go green with trees
12.02 ...more

NewPage sells millionth ton of chain-of-custody certified paper
10.29 ...more

High Tension over Big Timber
10.21 ...more

FSC Russia starts awareness campaign
10.15 ...more

FSC Russia launches its first awareness campaign
10.12 ...more

SFI Tweaks Green Standard:
10.09 ...more

Finch Paper Releases Green Guide
10.09 ...more

MSU research links carbon markets and tree-planting to slow global warming,
10.07 ...more

New Coffee Cups, Sleeves Boast Recycled Fiber
10.05 ...more

Regent blames flash floods on illegal logging
09.18 ...more

Plum Creek Renamed to Dow Jones Sustainability Index
09.17 ...more

Xerox Unveils Coated Paper Made from Sustainable Sources
Reuters - 09.08 ...more

Smurfit-Stone Appoints Timothy T. Griffith Vice President and Treasurer
Zreuters - 09.01 ...more

AFF, Standards Council of Canada Reach an Agreement on Sustainable Forest
AFF press release - 08.13 ...more

Deal expected to protect Quebec forests
Montreal Gazette - 08.06 ...more

Ernslaw One sells carbon credits in Europe
National Business Review - 08.06 ...more

100 Million Acres of Forest Now Managed to FSC Standards
Sustainable Business.com - 07.17 ...more

US group calls for
BusinessGreen- 7.15 ...more

ATFS Group Certification Program Welcomes KapStone Forest Management (KFM)
PR newswire - 7.1 ...more

Office Depot churns out more green products and a new green website
KABC-TV - 06.22 ...more

International Paper Establishes World's Largest Forest Stewardship Council
IP Press Release - 6.23 ...more

NY biomass plant first to achieve FSC standards certification
Biomass Magazine - 6.23 ...more

International Paper launches compostable cup
Solid Waste & Recycling 06.15.09 ...more

Time running out for industry to get forest produce certification
Live Mint.com - June 1 ...more

Group director: State has a plan
News Telegram.com (MA) - May 20 ...more

ATFS Recognizes Alabama's Forest Stewardship Plans as Meeting Certification
American Forest Foundation - May 19 ...more

Post-It Notes -- Available in Any Color, as Long as It's Green
GreenBiz.com - May 15 ...more

Responsible Forest Management in Congo Basin has Bright Future Following La
WWF International - May 20 ...more

Comment period for AFF revised Standards for Forest Certification
American Forest Foundation - May 1 ...more

Buckeye Technologies Inc announces achievement of SFI certification
Trading Markets - May 8 ...more

PEFC endorses Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme
Daily Express - May 7 ...more