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Cengea Solutions Inc.

1188 West Georgia Street
Suite 560
Vancouver , BC , Canada V6E 4A2
Phone: (604) 697-6444
Email: michele.wallcraft@cengea.com
Website: www.cengea.com
Contact Name and Title: Michele Wallcraft, Director of Sales

Category: Wood Procurement/Log Accounting Software

Cengea Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of spatially enabled solutions for resource-based enterprises. Today, Cengea technology manages millions of acres of forestlands and millions of procured tons in North America and around the world. Cengea products, services, and industry expertise help solve operational business challenges, streamline business processes, and achieve significant efficiencies throughout the supply chain. Cengea's clients are every size-some of the largest and best-known forest products companies, bioenergy, and conservation organizations, as well as TIMOs, REITs, and state and federal agencies. Visit us at www.cengea.com.

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