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1890 E Main St
Falconer , NY , USA 14733
Phone: (716) 664-5602
Fax: (716) 664-6648
Email: info@foreconinc.com
Website: www.foreconinc.com
Contact Name and Title: John Gifford, Vice President

Category: Forestry Consultants

FORECON, Inc. has offered forestry and related natural resource consulting services for private, industrial, investment, and municipal forest landowners for more than 55 years. We provide timber inventories, field management, certified appraisals, GIS/ database management and reporting (TIGER(c)), urban and community forestry services, and develop carbon sequestration and ecosystems market participation strategies. Our real estate division, Timberland Realty, provides sales services for timberland and recreation properties within New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and is affiliated with Cabela's Trophy Properties. Headquartered in Falconer, New York, with two branch offices in New York, two in Pennsylvania, and two in West Virginia. Please visit our website at www.foreconinc.com.

For further information regarding rates and deadlines for the Professional Resource Guide, please contact Claire Kovacs at claired@safnet.org.