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Alaska SAF - Letter Addressing State Riparian Management Proposal

Dear Alaskan Legislator:

The Alaska Society of American Foresters support passage of HB 131/ SB 98 dealing with modifications to the Alaska Forest Resources and Practices Act riparian regulations for Region III.

The Alaska Society of American Foresters represents nearly 200 professional foresters in Alaska. As members of the national scientific and educational organization representing the forestry profession in the United States, our mission is to advance the science, education, technology, and practice of forestry; to enhance the competency of its members; to establish professional excellence; and, to use the knowledge, skills, and conservation ethic of the profession to ensure the continued health and use of forest ecosystems and the present and future availability of forest resources to benefit society.

Many of our members were among those who worked hard on the Science and Technology committee to provide a sound scientific base for these recommendations. Subsequently, there was wide representation in negotiations among stakeholders to work out a viable approach to riparian zone management in Region III. We think it is in the best interest of Alaska and its people to pass this broadly supported legislation during the current legislative session.

We appreciate the work that you and your staffs have done to be informed, fair and balanced representatives of the people of Alaska. We thank you for your service and continue to offer ours as needed and consistent with our mission and code of ethics.


John D. Fox, Jr., Chair
Alaska Society of American Foresters
(907) 479-6533