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Policy Update - Week of April 5, 2010


  1. LEED Standards Should Embrace Products from State's Well-Managed Forests
    The Seattle Times Article Published April 2nd by Michael T. Goergen Jr

    The LEED rating system encourages the use of responsible materials in construction and renovation, but forester Michael T. Goergen Jr. is frustrated to see continued ill-treatment of forest products from well-managed forests in Washington and the nation. To read more of this article link to: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/opinion/2011509983_guest03green.html

  2. SAF Testimony on S. 2798 the National Forest Insect and Disease Emergency Act

    The SAF strongly supports S. 2798, the National Forest Insect and Disease Emergency Act of 2009, and commends Senator Mark Udall and Senator James Risch for their bipartisan leadership on the important bill. Given current federal land management laws, regulations and case law, there is virtually no way work can be completed to remove dead and dying trees in a timely matter. S. 2798 could be easily implemented by land management agencies to more-quickly address problems associated with extensive bark beetle infestations.

    To read SAF's testimony link to: http://www.eforester.org/fp/documents/saftestimony_udall_risch.pdf

  3. SAF Comments on Forest Planning Rule Notice of Intent

    March 10th - Stephen Fitzgerald testified on behalf of the SAF before the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee on S.2895 Oregon Eastside Forests Restoration, Old Growth Protection, and Jobs Act of 2009. His testimony includes the concerns and recommendations the SAF has on/for S. 2895.

    To read his testimony link to: http://www.eforester.org/fp/documents/s_fitzgerald_testimony_3-10-10.pdf

In the Administration

  1. Public Input Sought for National Forest Planning Rule
      The Salt Lake Tribune Article Published April 1st by Mark Havnes

    Utahns are invited to participate in roundtable discussions intended to help the U.S. Forest Service develop a new rule for guiding how resources in national forests are managed in the future. To read more of this article link to: http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_14804261

  2. Forest Service Holds Wyo. Meetings on Planning
      cbs4denver.com Article Published April 5th by The Associated Press

    The U.S. Forest Service will hold four public meetings in Wyoming about creating a new planning rule that governs how forests and grasslands are managed. To read more of this article link to: http://cbs4denver.com/wireapnewswy/Forest.Service.planning.2.1611598.html

  3. Forest Service Tries Different Approach to Developing Contested Planning Rule
      The Billings Gazette Article Published March 29th by Brett French

    After the Forest Service's two attempts under the Bush administration to write a planning rule were shot down by court rulings, the agency is adopting a new tactic - involving the public on the front end of the process.

    "What's different about this process is that we haven't put anything on paper yet," said Brandan Schulze, a public affairs specialist for the Forest Service's Northern Region in Missoula. "It's really a chance for the public to give their input on those areas we should be focusing the planning rule on." To read more of this article link to: http://www.billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/article_c8f54590-3b81-11df-9661-001cc4c03286.html

Last Week in Congress

  1. No Natural Resource Legislation Passed Last Week as Congress is in spring recess.

  2. Forest Service Asked To Reverse ATV Decision: Blanche Lincoln Says Riders Revitalize Local Economy
      4029tv.com Article Published March 31st by 4029tv.com Staff

    A U.S. senator is hoping to keep funds flowing in one local community year-round.

    On Wednesday, Sen. Blance Lincoln toured the Wolf Pen Gap all-terrain vehicle area with the chief of the Forest Service. To read more of this article link to: http://www.4029tv.com/news/23019062/detail.html

  3. Prescribed Burns Could Reduce Carbon Emissions, Study Finds
      The Spokesman-Review Article Published April 3rd by Becky Kramer

    Western land managers could shrink the carbon footprint of wildfires by setting more prescribed burns, a new study says.

    Igniting small, controlled fires reduces fuel buildup in the forest, helping to stave off the catastrophic fires that release millions of tons of carbon, according to research by the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. To read more of this article link to: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2010/apr/03/prescribed-burns-could-reduce-carbon-emissions-stu/

This Week in Congress & National News

  1. No Legislation or Hearings. Congress is in spring recess.

  2. Law Declares Forestry as 'Green'
      Capital Press: The West's Ag Website Article Published April 3rd by Steve Brown

    Gov. Chris Gregoire has signed into law legislation designed to promote employment in the state's forest products industry by analyzing education and skill standards for existing and emerging green occupations.

    House Bill 2420 cleared both houses of the Legislature on March 10; Gregoire signed it March 24. To read more of this article link to: http://www.capitalpress.com/orewash/SB-legis-continues-040210

    To read more on House Bill 2420 link to: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?year=2009&bill=2420

  3. Off-Roaders in Search of Trails
      USA Today Article Published April 6th by Laura Bruno

    The dustup between all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts and land conservationists is intensifying this year as more people go in search of places to ride and more groups race to protect large portions of public lands. To read more of this article link to: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2010-04-05-atv-parks_N.htm


In the States: Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington

  1. Alta, Solitude not Wild about Wilderness Plan
      The Salt Lake Tribune Article Published April 2nd by Patty Henetz

    Rep. Jim Matheson touted his plan to expand Wasatch wilderness as a compromise after years of talks with stakeholders.

    Well, some key stakeholders in Little and Big Cottonwood canyons are far from ready to sign off. To read more of this article link to: http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_14811828

  2. Proposed Action Released for Blue Mountains Forests
      Burns Times-Herald Article Published March 31st by Burns Times-Herald News Staff

    The Forest Service will release the Proposed Action for the revised Land and Resource Management Plans for the Malheur, Umatilla and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests, collectively referred to as the Blue Mountains forests, on March 29 and begin the 60-day public comment period. The Proposed Action is the result of the collaborative efforts made over the last several years and serves as a starting point for the formal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process which will include the development of an environmental impact statement. To read more of this article link to: http://burnstimesherald.info/2010/03/31/proposed-action-released-for-blue-mountains-forests/

Wildfire Update

  1. Schiff Wants Forest Service to Consider Lifting Ban on Night Firefighting Flights
      Los Angeles Times Article Published March 31st by Paul Pringle

    Citing questions raised by the devastating Station blaze, a local House member has asked that Congress require the U.S. Forest Service to consider lifting a decades-old ban on the use of aircraft to fight fires after dark. To read more of this article link to: http://articles.latimes.com/2010/mar/31/local/la-me-station-fire1-2010apr01

Additional Information:

The SAF National Office serves as the voice of professional forestry through its active role in several forestry, natural resources, and agricultural groups and coalitions…

25 x '25 (www.25x25.org) - SAF is a proud member of 25 x '25 and currently sits on its Sustainability Working Group. The goal of 25 x '25 is to have 25% of our energy needs being fulfilled by renewable resources from our nation's farms, ranches, forests, and other lands by 2025.

Continental Dialogue on Non-Native Forest Insects and Diseases (www.continentalforestdialogue.org) - SAF sits on the organization's Steering Committee and assists in its mission of "cultivating and catalyzing collaborative action among diverse interests to abate the threat to North American forests from non-native insects and diseases." The 4th meeting summary of the Continental Dialogue on Non-Native Forest Insects and Diseases is now available online at: http://www.continentalforestdialogue.org/documents/meetings/2008-11/index.html

Additional groups in which SAF plays a role include:

Core Group of the Roundtable on Sustainable Forests"

Forest Carbon Education Group. The FCEG's Guidance Document on Managed Forests in Climate Change policy can be viewed on the SAF Policy Webpage: http://www.eforester.org/fp/documents/managedforests_12-14-07.pdf

Wildland Fire Leadership Council

Western Governors' Association Forest Health Advisory Committee

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