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Workshops for Students

Roots, Shoots & Leaders: Tips for Budding Professionals
Friday October 26th
Convention Center - Conference Theater
8:30 am - 10:00 am
Don't Wait until You're Broken to Fix Your Attitude!

Everyone has an attitude, right? Why not make yours work for you with a shift in perspective and focus. This workshop will add more tools to your creative thinking and problem solving toolbox. Jake's uplifting presentation will teach you how to strengthen your mental muscles so that you can be more productive, blast through excuses, and transform challenges into satisfying victories.

Jake French is a 2008 graduate of the University of Idaho, and was working at his dream job as a forester in Oregon when in an instant his life was turned upside down by a devastating accident. His "it is what it is" response initiated a change in mindset and the beginning of a new journey. Committing to a positive attitude opened many doors, and allowed him to turn the worst thing that ever happened to him into one of the best.

Even with a serious topic, Jake's humor and vulnerability endear him to audiences and create a lasting inspirational experience. Once Jake shows you how to apply his adaptive strategies into your own life, you are guaranteed never to look at the phrase "can't do" in the same way again!

10:30 am -12:00 pm
Leadership IS an Attitude

Once upon a time, future leaders were identified early in their careers, placed in long-term programs, groomed and seasoned through slowly escalating responsibilities. Today's organizations are constantly shifting and dealing with unprecedented instability, job-hopping is now the norm, not the once career-limiting exception. While they may be confident and anxious to step into the void, young foresters are rarely prepared for their new and evolving responsibilities. These next generation leaders are often thrown into new roles without sufficient preparation, experience or support.

Having grown from forester to vice president of human resources and organization development, Tom Davidson learned leadership from the ground up and now helps leaders and their organizations make similarly successful transitions. Tom has been providing solutions to new managers and emerging leaders for over 20 years. In addition to BS degrees in forestry and agricultural economics, an MBA, and an MS in organization development, Tom is a former trail guide, survival instructor, fire fighter, forester, columnist, and radio talk show host.

Tom's highly engaging, entertaining, and informative style truly enhances audience experience. This module will provide invaluable insights and tips on how you can develop yourself as an emerging leader when there are few resources or formal training opportunities.