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Register Your Online Subscription

Follow these simple instructions to activate your online subscription:
  1. Go to www.ingentaconnect.com.

  2. Under Need to register? (middle right edge of the page), click Sign up here.

  3. Fill out all of the requested information under Personal Registration, as well as selecting a user name and password.

  4. Now you are registered with Ingenta. Under Thank you, click on the link for Activating Personal Subscriptions.

  5. Click the Add tab under Personal Subscriptions.

  6. Browse for the publications titles you wish to add. Click S under Publisher name and select Society of American Foresters. This will pull up all five SAF publications for you to activate at once. SAF members wishing to activate access to The Roots of Forestry should select this option. Alternatively, you may pull up each title individually by typing its title under Publication title and clicking the GO button. Note: Typing "Journal of Forestry" will call up Journal of Forestry, Northern Journal of Applied Forestry, Southern Journal of Applied Forestry, and Western Journal of Applied Forestry; you will need to go back and add Forest Science via the same procedure.

  7. Check the boxes next to the titles you wish to add, and enter your six-digit subscription number in the text box to the right of each title. SAF members wishing to activate access to The Roots of Forestry should check all five publications. Your subscription number can be found on the mailing label of your printed journal, according to the illustration below. If you are a member of SAF, your subscription number is identical to your membership ID number. Add leading zeros as needed if your number is less than six digits. Having trouble locating your subscription number? Send an e-mail to hughleyc@safnet.organd request this information.

  8. The Thank you page indicates that your activation request has been successfully transmitted to Ingenta. Please allow up to 48 hours for Ingenta to verify and activate your subscription. Once activated, you will receive an e-mail notification that your subscriptions have been enabled, and your subscription will now appear under the Current tab on the Personal Subscriptions page.

Having Trouble Accessing the Electronic Journals?

Contact the Ingenta help desk at:

USA: 9am-5pm EST weekdays
(except US public holidays)
E-mail: ushelp@ingenta.com
Phone: (888) 263-5720
UK: 9am-5pm weekdays
(except UK public holidays)
E-mail: help@ingenta.com
Phone: +44 (0)1225 361110

About Your Online Subscription

Your online subscription to any SAF journal includes unrestricted access to all of that publication's content from January 2000 to present. An online subscription to any one regional applied science journal (Northern, Southern, or Western Journal of Applied Forestry) includes unrestricted access to all three regional applied journals. Access to material prior to 2000 is included with The Roots of Forestry and is available free to SAF members. Click here for more information on The Roots of Forestry.

Your online subscription provides you with many benefits:
  • 24/7 access to the information you need.
  • Immediate notification of new journal content.
  • Search content by title, author, keyword, volume, or issue.
  • Ability to save literature searches so you can return to them at a later date or edit or re-run.
  • Download, print, or e-mail a marked list of articles.

Non-Subscribers: Search the Abstracts

If you are not a current subscriber, you may view and search the table of contents and abstracts of all SAF publications, both current and archived. If you see an article that you wish to view, you have the option of purchasing a PDF or hardcopy reprint. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your purchase.

Terms and Conditions

Online publications, just like print publications, are covered by copyright law. These laws protect both the publisher and the authors. End users must abide by SAF's Terms and Conditions. Institutions and their patrons must also abide by the terms set out in the Proprietary Rights Notice.