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About The Roots of Forestry™

Almost a century of essential forestry research, right at your fingertips
The Roots of Forestry is the exclusive home to SAF's journal archives. Encompassing all five of SAF's periodical journals-Journal of Forestry, Forest Science, and the Northern, Southern, and Western Journals of Applied Forestry-from their first issue through 1999, The Roots of Forestry gives you access to nearly 100 years of forestry literature comprising approximately 11,750 articles across more than 1,440 issues. Whether you're looking to rediscover the writings of forestry pioneers Gifford Pinchot and Aldo Leopold or to review silviculture practices of yesterday that still have application value today, it's all just a click away!

Search the archives and current content in one seamless search
Whatever your search, you'll find it a snap to zero in on the information you're looking for within The Roots of Forestry. Search title, author, abstract, and keywords across the entire archive to retrieve the article you desire. Each article has been carefully scanned from its original and is presented in convenient PDF format. What's more, we've passed each scanned page through optical character recognition software to allow you to search down to the smallest detail.

How to access
Subscription to The Roots of Forestry is free with membership in the Society of American Foresters. To register your free online subscription, visit http://www.safnet.org/publications/forestryonline.cfm. Nonmembers have free access to all titles, authors, abstracts, and search capabilities, with pay-per-view available for a small fee of $6 per article. Institutional subscriptions are available, please contact Matthew Walls at SAF for details.