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If you are interested in joining an SAF Working Group, please complete and submit the form below:

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I am interested in joining the following Working Groups:

A – Resources Measurements Subject Area
A1 - Inventory and Biometrics
A2 - Remote Sensing And Geospatial Applications

B – Forestry Systems Subject Area
B1 - Private Forestry
B2 - Urban and Community Forestry
B3 - International Forestry
B4 - Agroforestry

C – Ecology and Biology Subject Area
C1 - Forest Ecology
C2 - Soils
C3 - Water Resources
C5 - Wildlife and Fish Ecology
C6 - Physiology

D – Management & Utilization Subject Area
D1 - Genetics and Tree Improvement
D2 - Silviculture
D3 - Forest Production and Utilization
D4 - Wildland Fire
D5 - Forest Pathology and Entomology

E – Decision Sciences Subject Area
E1 - Economics, Policy and Law
E2 - Land Use Planning Organization and Management
E3 - Bioenergy, Climate Change, and Carbon
E4 - Management Science and Operations Research
E6 - Sustainability and Forest Certification

F – Social & Related Sciences Subject Area
F2 - Recreation and Wilderness Management
F4 - Human Dimensions and Education
F5 - Philosophy and History
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