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Trees Are the Answer

But what is the question?

Everyday, trees give us the answers to some of our most challenging questions:
  • What protects our rivers and streams and provides us with clean water?
  • What provides us with the goods that we depend on every day?
  • What helps you save on your heating and cooling?
  • What helps us address climate change?
  • What helps us clean the air?
  • What do we have as much of now as we did 100 years ago?
  • What sparks our imagination, and lifts our spirits?
  • What do we, and a wide variety of other species, depend on for our well-being?
  • What, along with the wind, sun, and waves, provides us with clean, sustainable energy?
  • What renewable resource plays a vital part in our nation’s economy?
The forestry profession is about conserving our natural treasures, utilizing our resources, and improving our world through careful, scientifically-sound management practices. This approach means that trees will be the answer for generations to come.

What are your questions? Learn more in this area via blogs, resources, interactive tools, and partnering organizations. Then, get active, get involved and contribute to the world-wide work of forestry.