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Certification Review Board

The Certification Review Board (CRB) oversees and audits Certified Forester program implementation, evaluates and periodically reviews program processes and procedures, and makes recommendations as needed to the SAF Council on program guidelines and standards. The CRB investigates questionable compliance and other concerns regarding certification and recertification and serves as the initial appellate body on eligibility decisions. Except for revocation for nonpayment of fees (upon which SAF staff may act), only the Board may revoke or suspend certification once granted.

The Board consists of eight Certified Forester volunteers representing a diversity of forest resources employers and geographic regions, and one public member.

Board Members

Victor Ford, CF – Arkansas
Marc Vomocil, CF – Oregon

Jeremy Douse, CF – Alaska
Bernard Hubbard, CF – Michigan
Mariann Johnston, CF – New York
Andy Mason, CF – Arizona
Brent Olson, CF – Iowa
Michael Tuffy, CF – Colorado

Public Member
Mark Biser – Washington

Louise Murgia, CF, Director of Field Services
Pat Cillay, Education Manager

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