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Using Your SAF CFEs

How many CFEs are required to keep my CF and CCF certification?
The amount of CFEs depends on the type of certification. For more information, visit the certification pages.

Does SAF only accept SAF CFE towards certification renewal?
The Certification Review Board only accepts SAF CFE credit for certification renewal.

What does my state require for licensure?
Not all state boards of licensure accept SAF CFEs for state licensure or registration. Even though many states accept SAF CFE for state licensure, please contact your state licensing/regulatory board for the most up-to-date guidelines. Please visit the policy pages on the SAF website for state licensing information.

Are program attendance records available to state licensing/regulatory boards?
A state board of licensure/regulatory board can request attendance records of a specific meeting for the sole purpose of auditing. Individual records are not released to a third-party without written consent from the individual or court order.

What is the Professional Development Recognition Award? The Professional Recognition Award recognizes continued study beyond formal education. The award is available to all SAF members and nonmembers.