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Professional Development Recognition Program

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Have you checked the expiration date on your college diploma?

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The half-life of technical forestry knowledge is approximately 5 -7 years. In other words, in less than 10 years after graduation, your professional competency could be reduced by one-half. However, with the rapid advances in science and technology it could be even less. This results in a serious gap between available knowledge and what we learned in college.
The Answer…
Continuing Forestry Education (CFE)

Lifelong learning is a reality for all natural resource professionals. Organizations need employees to update their skills constantly, and training and development programs are becoming critical to an organization's success. It has become a responsibility we all must assume as foresters and natural resource professionals.

The Society of American Foresters offers the Outstanding Professional Development Recognition Program for those who realize the importance of staying current through participation in continuing forestry education courses, seminars and conferences. It's a voluntary program open to SAF members and nonmembers.

The program is an also an excellent tool for organizations to encourage employees to seek continuing education.

The objectives of the Outstanding Professional Development Recognition Program are to:
  • Encourage foresters and allied professionals in a formal program of continuing education and professional development.
  • Advance the knowledge and skills of those engaged in forestry.
  • Stimulate individual self-assessment by providing standards for achievement.
  • Recognize, through issuance of a certificate, those completing the program and demonstrating continued learning and development.
To obtain recognition in the CFE Outstanding Professional Development Recognition Program participants must:
  • Complete 150 CFE contact hours during a three-year period. The three-year period may begin and end at any time. No credit will be given for course work taken in pursuit of a degree.
  • Distribute the 150 CFE Contact Hours must be distributed among the three CFE categories. However, all 150 CFE contact hours may be obtained in Category 1, but participants are encouraged to distribute activities.
  • Submit applications within 90 days of completion.
  • Provide the appropriate documentation must accompany the application.
The following procedures must be followed:

  • Submit a CFE Outstanding Professional Development application along with payment.
  • Complete course agendas must be submitted for events not listed in SAF's education calendar. Agendas must include date; location; name of provider; and detailed starting and ending times.
  • Submit the application to the SAF National Office for verification of CFE hours.
  • Approved applications will not be returned, participants should make copies for their personal records. Applications that are not approved will be returned to the participant.
  • Submit appropriate fee: SAF members - $25; Nonmembers - $40
  • Please submit application and documentation to Society of American Foresters; 5400 Grosvenor Lane; Bethesda, MD 20814-2198

See the Calendar for a schedule of upcoming conferences, seminars, and workshops.