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NASA Technology Aims to Save the Forests
10.07 ...more

Cameras Will Soon Do The Job Of Fire Tower Lookouts
09.24 ...more

Vancouver city project aims to put a value on trees
09.10 ...more

Imaging to the Rescue in Fight Against Invasive Bugs
08.28 ...more

Re-Planting a Forest, One Drone at a Time
07.17 ...more

High-tech tools help wildland firefighters
06.24 ...more

Wildland Firefighters Use Satellites, Infrared to Track Smoke, Lightning
06.22 ...more

Drones, infrared technology could change landscape for firefighters
06.11 ...more

NYC Startup Literally Helps You See the Forest Through the Trees
04.15 ...more

OK Forestry Service Using New Technology To Help Fight Fires
04.01 ...more

How 'remote sensing' may help prevent huge wildfires
03.20 ...more

Satellites give unprecedented views of insect outbreaks in forests
03.02 ...more

One more university looking at UAVs for agriculture
02.10 ...more

Univ. of Canterbury investigating if drones can be used to help fight fires
01.29 ...more

Forest Service Unveils Web Application Identifying At-Risk Forests
01.16 ...more

How a Flying Laser Built a 3-D Map of a Massive Alaskan Forest
12.16 ...more

MU research center gets authorization from FAA to fly drones
12.15 ...more

Use of drones in forestry: sustainable management from the air
12.10 ...more

Measuring the Height of the World's Forests
10.02 ...more

GEDI Lidar to Probe Depths of the Forests from Intl. Space Station
09.09 ...more

GIS front-end for i-Tree developed
09.02 ...more

NOAA analysis reveals significant land cover changes
08.19 ...more

Satellite imagery, the new weapon to fight forest fires
08.14 ...more

NASA Selects Instruments to Track Climate Impact on Vegetation
07.31 ...more

GIS Improves Collaboration for Policy Design
07.29 ...more

Orchard Effort Aims To Restore Chestnut
07.21 ...more

Proteus Completes Satellite-Derived Forest Inventory Pilot in Abu Dhabi
06.16 ...more

UNH scientists to conduct NASA Amazon forest project
05.13 ...more

EPA Releases EnviroAtlas Ecosystem Mapping Tool
05.13 ...more

Congo's fragile forests watched over with online map
04.25 ...more

Spectral imaging satellites monitor global vegetation health
04.09 ...more

Aerial LiDAR could boost forest industry, fire management
02.27 ...more

Salisbury native on team using drones to map climate change effects in Peru
02.24 ...more

Technology Tracks Crews Through The Fog Of Wildfire
02.10 ...more

Octocopter helps forestry research take flight
02.06 ...more

Forests disappearing since 2000? Google cloud maps global changes
11.15 ...more

A move to blend culture with maps to save vanishing forests
10.14 ...more

Oregon’s Massive Wildfires, As Seen Through Google Glass
09.12 ...more

EPA Launches Online Mapping Tool for Environmental Impact Statements
09.05 ...more

Indigenous communities deploy high-tech mapmaking
08.30 ...more

NASA's Landsat revisits old flames in fire trends
08.30 ...more

Could the US fight forest fires with software?
08.15 ...more

Uganda: FAO Mapping Technologies Help Fill Gaps in Forest Data
08.12 ...more

ESA’s gen-next satellite to monitor Earth's forest
05.08 ...more

New Web-Mapping Tool Offered by Colorado State Forest Service
03.14 ...more

Brazil wants to count every tree in the Amazon rainforest
02.11 ...more

NASA, USGS Program Helps Find Patterns In Forest Disturbances
01.16 ...more

New Landsat imagery tool sees insect outbreaks from space
01.15 ...more

Forest ecosystem research team helps improve satellite data
12.05 ...more

Digital tool allows public to see urban canopy coverage in neighborhoods
11.21 ...more

Cameroon: Digital Atlas to Improve Forest Oversight
11.08 ...more

Sizing Up Biomass from Space
10.31 ...more

Seeing the wood for the trees
09.21 ...more

Mapping Species Invasions
08.24 ...more

Mapping tropical forest loss in Sumatra
08.24 ...more

Satellites to help Beijing expose fake afforestation
08.21 ...more

Satellites to help Beijing expose fake afforestation
08.21 ...more

ArcGIS Online Provides a Platform for Mapping for the Masses
08.09 ...more

Foresters Share Ideas, Solutions at Esri Forestry GIS Conference
08.08 ...more

Deforestation drops in the Brazilian Amazon (again)
08.03 ...more

Thomson Reuters Partners with U.S. Forest Service to Map and Document Land
07.20 ...more

Cameroon to protect forests with satellite monitoring
07.17 ...more

Refining Fire Behavior Modeling
05.17 ...more

Trees Tell Their Story To Satellites
04.03 ...more

USDA Forest Service and NASA Release Web-Based Forest Disturbance Monitorin
03.21 ...more

Nasa maps reveal how canopy covers a THIRD of the U.S.
01.13 ...more

Virginia Tech and partners develop state's geospatial workforce
05.02 ...more

Rayonier's GIS Strengthens Asset Management Capability
03.14 ...more

Florida Wildfires Seen From Space
03.03 ...more

NASA-Funded Study Tracks Climate Change on Three Continents
02.18 ...more

Robotic Network Monitors Forest Fires in Russia
01.25 ...more

Microchips Help Deter Amazon Deforestation
12.14 ...more

Microchips Help Deter Amazon Deforestation
12.13 ...more

Technology: Google Makes the Planet's Forests Searchable
12.02 ...more

Google Earth 6 goes green with 3D trees
11.30 ...more

Satellite Remote Sensing: Enhancing Sustainable Development of Earth
11.08 ...more

Researchers Create Map to Track Sudden Oak Death Pathogen Across State
10.06 ...more

Florida town inventories trees with software
09.30 ...more

Trimble buys Cengea to expand its forestry solutions
09.21 ...more

NASA satellites reveal connection between beetle attacks, wildfire
09.14 ...more

Trimble Acquires Cengea to Expand its Forestry Solutions
09.13 ...more

Stanford land-use expert brings satellite data down to Earth
09.08 ...more

New risk assessment tools are changing fuel treatments.
08.26 ...more

Remote sensing camera is wildlife management tool
08.12 ...more

FAO launches global fire monitoring system
08.11 ...more

India to launch forestry satellite in 2013
08.09 ...more

Wood-Based Radio Tags Track Timber
08.04 ...more

China to launch high-resolution mapping satellite in 2011
07.29 ...more

RapidEye Aids USGS With Colorado Imaging
07.08 ...more

Indias Forest Monitoring Satellite
06.22 ...more

New EU satellite system to improve management of natural disasters
06.16 ...more

Trimble Acquires Definiens Earth Sciences Business to Expand its GeoSpatia
06.15 ...more

Tracking surface water on a warming planet
06.02 ...more

Managing LIDAR Data
06.02 ...more

Lasers help researchers predict birds' preferred habitat
06.02 ...more

Using remote sensing to track invasive trees
05.26 ...more

New Nanotech Discovery Could Lead to Breakthrough in Satellite Imaging Tech
05.19 ...more

Satellite Study Covers Forest Loss Worldwide
05.10 ...more

First steps towards map of Scotland's native forests
05.10 ...more

Digital Library Gives Long Trail Slides New Life
05.05 ...more

NC State Researchers Help Track Wayward Pests Through Mapping
05.04 ...more

San Francisco's Urban Forest Map Project
05.03 ...more

The Plan to Map Every Tree in San Francisco
04.21 ...more

UK firm vows to use software and satellites to track down illegal timber sh
04.06 ...more

New boreal forest biomass maps produced from radar satellite data
03.25 ...more

High-Def Cameras Watch For Wildfires
03.12 ...more

Lake States Aerial Survey Program Helping Make Aerial Survey Data Even Bett
03.12 ...more

Leading the Shift from Paper to Digital-based Forest Health Monitoring
03.12 ...more

Mapping Website Tracks Changes and Threats to Southern U.S. Forests
03.03 ...more

GPS systems for containing forest fires in Himachal
02.02 ...more

Satellites being used to track illegal logging
01.28 ...more

The New GPS 24+3 Constellation: What Does it Mean to the Surveying and GIS
01.19 ...more

Remsoft's forestry software a 'game changer'
12.15 ...more

Journal highlights forest service early warning system
12.11 ...more

Copenhagen: Google Launches Forest Monitoring Tool
12.10 ...more

Sault scientists join international effort to map world's boreal forests
12.04 ...more

Why the Amazon should quit smoking
11.23 ...more

RapidEye To Provide Imagery For USGS
11.11 ...more

Town pines for accurate tree inventory
11.03 ...more

Professor leads study of mountain trail ecology
11.03 ...more

Google Maps Adds More Detail, Takes a Cue From OpenStreetMap
10.09 ...more

Alliance to Facilitate Development of Two-Way Satellite Data Solutions
09.17 ...more

SeaZone Marine Mapping Helps Uncover the Past in the New Forest
Directions Magazine - 09.08 ...more

GPS device maps show their age
Cnet - 09.02 ...more

Hemisphere GPS and Ag Leader's SMS Software Solutions Compatible
TMCnet.com - 09.01 ...more

Staunton, U.Va. students team up to map city green spaces
Newsleader (VA) - 08.26 ...more

Genome BC Leading $8M Tree Genomics Program
Genomeweb - 08.24 ...more

Flexible Soil Model Maps Remote Areas
SSSA - 08.24 ...more

Androscoggin river maps to highlight sites
TMCNet.com - 08.18 ...more

Belfast team develop FSS filter to aid study of climate change
EE Times - 08.10 ...more

Mapping from on high
Planet Earth Online - 08.10 ...more

GPS Helps Locate Soil Erosion Pathways
American Society of Agronomy - 08.10 ...more

Bold Soil-Mapping Venture Seen as Crucial to Efforts on Climate, Agricultur
New York Times - 08.07 ...more

Fountains America Acquires TwoDog Brand Forest Inventory Software
Fountains press release - 7.31 ...more

ERDAS Announces InfoSAT as New Distributor
Spatial News.com - press release ...more

New Zealand Enlists GIS to Monitor Greenhouse Gas
ESRI Press release - 07.06 ...more

Forestry GIS User Group Opens for Membership
ESRI Press Release - 07.17 ...more

Google photos to protect land
Kathimerini.com (Greece) - May 20 ...more

Instability of GPS is cause for co-op - experts
China Daily - May 28 ...more

FORSight Resources joins Remsoft Consulting Partners Program
GISuser.com - May 5 ...more