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Will fast-growing eucalyptus trees take root as cash crop across the South?
(AL.com) 10/22 ...more

UBC Forestry seeking trees with DNA to survive climate change
09.03 ...more

Researchers: Regulatory, certification systems halting in use of GE trees
08.21 ...more

Finding an off switch in wood formation
07.09 ...more

Researchers edit plant DNA using mechanism evolved in bacteria
06.05 ...more

For big-tree hunters, the joy is in the search
05.18 ...more

Water use by trees is a key part of the hydrological process
05.12 ...more

Grant helps groups combine forces to bring back chestnut tree
05.08 ...more

OR mill focuses on sustainability by processing hybrid, fast-growing trees
05.01 ...more

Genetics of Wood Formation
04.20 ...more

FuturaGene’s Eucalyptus Is Approved for Commercial Use in Brazil
04.10 ...more

Few options remain for DNR’s state nursery
03.17 ...more

Genetic Data Can Help Predict How Pine Forests Cope with Climate Change
03.04 ...more

OSU researchers attempt to decode origins of Willamette aspen grove
02.04 ...more

UGA researchers unlock new way to clone hemlock trees
01.30 ...more

American chestnut: Resident makes rare find in Virginia
01.14 ...more

Scientists tap trees' evolutionary databanks
01.05 ...more

Genetic-engineering critics open fire on American chestnut breakthrough
12.19 ...more

Thanks to science, we may see the rebirth of the American chestnut
11.20 ...more

Professors use crowdfunding to help restore American chestnut trees
11.19 ...more

SUNY ESF finds success with fungus resistant American Chestnut trees
11.17 ...more

Toward genetically-improved conifers
11.06 ...more

Blight-Resistant American Chestnut Trees Take Root at ESF
11.06 ...more

Bringing Ireland’s ancient oak trees back to life
11.03 ...more

Efforts to develop blight-resistant American chestnut trees working
10.29 ...more

The Future of American Chestnut Restoration
10.23 ...more

NMSU professor testing miniaturized genome sequencer
10.13 ...more

DNA Fingerprinting for Forest Conservation
08.25 ...more

Forestry geneticists develop tree biomass crop to grow on marginal lands
08.19 ...more

Genome could unlock potential for paper, fuel
08.18 ...more

New analysis links tree height to climate
08.15 ...more

Genetic blueprint of eucalyptus opens biofuel possibilities
06.12 ...more

VA Tree Used to Unlock Largest Genetic Code Ever Sequenced
05.20 ...more

UBC's genetically engineered trees ready to change forestry industry
04.25 ...more

Researcher explains efforts to restore the American chestnut
04.15 ...more

UBC researchers genetically engineer trees for biofuel, pulp processing
04.04 ...more

Research and development: Forest Genetics
03.14 ...more

American chestnuts still in Virginia forests, but smaller
03.10 ...more

New genes for old forests as Canada warms
01.29 ...more

ESF's Powell named Forest Biotechnologist of the Year
12.11 ...more

Cloning strong, high-quality forest trees
12.06 ...more

Researchers, partners see progress in American chestnut restoration
11.06 ...more

Saving the nation's green giants: Tall, lush trees
08.12 ...more

Pollen expert aims to produce genetically superior trees
07.15 ...more

Like-minded rivals race to bring back an American icon
07.15 ...more

Tree genomics, biotech aim at improving pine production
06.24 ...more

Foresters use DNA to battle cogongrass
06.03 ...more

Forest industry to benefit from genome sequencing
05.23 ...more

Virginia Tech's sycamore is still standing by way of its clone
04.17 ...more

Laser beam uncovers giants of the forest
04.11 ...more

Mountain pine beetle's genome decoded
03.29 ...more

Pollenless Trees Nothing to Sneeze At in Japan
03.26 ...more

Bioscience to battle ash dieback
03.08 ...more

Pine Nut reseeding set to start next week
01.08 ...more

Christmas tree’s genes haven’t changed since dinosaur era
12.14 ...more

ArborGen Donates Pine Seedlings to College of Charleston Foundation's Fores
12.07 ...more

Increasing Drought Stress Predicted to Challenge Vulnerable Hydraulic Syste
11.29 ...more

Mighty chestnut may yet return to glory
11.29 ...more

DNA based methods leave illegal loggers with no place to hide
11.12 ...more

Chestnut trees return to WNC
10.15 ...more

Research on Wood Formation Sheds Light on Plant Biology
08.27 ...more

'Torture Lab' Kills Trees To Learn How To Save Them
08.27 ...more

Purdue commercializes faster growing hardwood trees called Greatwoods
04.23 ...more

UCSB Study Shows Forest Insects and Diseases Arrive in US Via Imported Plan
04.16 ...more

Coaxing American Chestnuts Back to Appalachia
04.11 ...more

Pollen Can Protect Mahogany From Extinction
04.05 ...more

Univ. of Guelph Scientists Clone
04.02 ...more

ArborGen names new CEO
03.13 ...more

Chemists Aid Study of Mutated Plants That May Be Better for Biofuels
03.01 ...more

Scientists help tackle forest pests with genomics
12.06 ...more

Put a tree in your tank? Ethanol research centers on poplars
10.20 ...more

New hope for a vanished giant
10.17 ...more

ArborGen, U of FL Partner on $6.3M DOE ARPA-E Pine Biofuels Grant
10.04 ...more

ArborGen Named Member of SE Partnership for Integrated Biomass Supply Syste
09.29 ...more

How A Clever Virus Kills A Very Hungry Caterpillar
09.12 ...more

Tribe celebrates completion of Native Plant Nursery
08.24 ...more

Frim Eyes Tie-Up In Biotechnology Research With More African Countries
06.20 ...more

'Miraculous lone pine tree' branches growing
06.17 ...more

MSU merges 2 research units
06.06 ...more

ArborGen Executive Appointed to DOE and USDA Biomass Research Committee
06.02 ...more

Lone pine may be seed of forest's rebirth
05.26 ...more

Puli man develops new way to propagate endangered trees
05.26 ...more

DNA Research that can Assist with Understanding the Effects of Climate Chan
05.25 ...more

American chestnut's revival is taking root in Louisville
05.23 ...more

Eucalyptus tree genome deciphered
05.12 ...more

New project will collect vital knowledge about tree genetic resources to su
05.11 ...more

New strain of blight-resistant chestnuts takes root
05.06 ...more

WV TACF and MeadWestvaco Committed to Species Restoration as part of SFI Co
05.02 ...more

ArborGen estimates IPO 5.1M shares at $16-$18
04.26 ...more

Best optimization of production of cloned Pinus genus described to date
04.19 ...more

UF-led consortium garners $20 million grant to improve pine forest manageme
02.23 ...more

Penn State honored for its part in chestnut reintroduction program
01.18 ...more

Acorn-Sorting Season Highlights DEPs Commitment To Forest Health
11.16 ...more

The mighty American chestnut tree, poised for a comeback
10.18 ...more

UF to help sequence genome of flowering plants' ancient living relative
10.14 ...more

Code RED for biodiversity
10.14 ...more

ArborGen files registration statement with Securities and Exchange Commissi
10.04 ...more

Oxford Resource Partners, LP and Mendel Biotechnology, Announce Biomass Pr
09.21 ...more

VDOF tree nurseries seek public's help with acorn & seed collection
09.14 ...more

UGA researchers win $1.34 million USDA-DOE biofuels grant
09.13 ...more

DNA test to track down illegal logging
09.09 ...more

Experts check health of Virginia Tech's trees
08.17 ...more

Nanotech forestry plant gets government funds
07.16 ...more

Biodiversity Loss a Significant Business Risk
07.13 ...more

Syracuse researchers try gene modification to help chestnut trees
07.12 ...more

Cornell University instructors ascend the world's largest trees for researc
07.09 ...more

Court Asked to Stop Planting of Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus Trees
07.07 ...more

MU noted for energy efficiency
06.23 ...more

Future of American chestnut takes root by Zoar Valley
06.18 ...more

American Chestnuts: There Are a Few Left Standing
06.17 ...more

Success with cisgenics in forestry offers new tools for biotechnology
06.08 ...more

Researchers hope hybrids mean return of chestnuts
06.07 ...more

Poplar trees cloned in Uttarakhand for more production
06.01 ...more

DNA boost in battle against bleeding canker
04.21 ...more

'Miracle tree' plantation outside Winnemucca Ranch to bring jobs
04.08 ...more

Pine Grove Township American Chestnut farm focuses on rare species
04.08 ...more

In Pennsylvania, it's time to make maple syrup
03.05 ...more

Home-grown timber for construction
03.02 ...more

Forest Research seed germination expertise to help conserve rare tree speci
02.24 ...more

Oak planted near Tully Lake sprouts mighty memories
02.23 ...more

New disease a potential threat to Iowa's walnut trees
0.22 ...more

Scientists work to fatten trees for biofuel production
02.17 ...more

ACF Needs Citizen Scientists to Test Potentially Blight-Resistant Chestnut
02.04 ...more

Modified Eucalyptus to Transform Forests
02.02 ...more

Plantations can provide the same ecosystem services as natural forests
02.01 ...more

Giving Trees
01.05 ...more

MAF orders soil sterilised on GE escape site
12.15 ...more

Genome scan to assess the respective role of host-plant and environmental c
12.10 ...more

Study finds logging effects vary based on a forest's history, climate
12.02 ...more

Cosmic Rays Help Trees Grow Big and Strong
10.21 ...more

Global warming may spur growth in NW forests
10.20 ...more

ArborGen LLC and Clemson University form research cooperative
10.15 ...more

American Chestnut Trees Thriving In N.C.
09.24 ...more

Chestnut trees, once nearly gone, thrive as seedlings; Raleigh News and Obs
09.24 ...more

Blight-resistant chestnuts thriving in national forests
09.23 ...more

tennessee foresters helping to return chestnuts to american forests
09.23 ...more

Biosciences industry members learn from North Carolina expert
09.23 ...more

Fungus genome boosts fight to save North American forests
09.18 ...more

Electrical Circuit Runs Entirely Off Power in Trees
U of WA - 09.10 ...more

NC State receives NSF grant to discover plant switchboards
NCSU press release - 09.03 ...more

Geospatial Technologies and Satellite Imaging to Spur Growth of Forestry In
Image Tree press release - 08.06 ...more

Interview: Carlton Owen, Steering Committee Chair, Forest Health Initiative
The Forestry Source - July 2009 ...more

From the Roots Up, Developing Trees for Sustainable Biofuel
Michigan Tech - 7.29 ...more

A Forest in the Desert: Hybrid Poplar Plantation Feeds New Mill
The Forestry Source - July 2009 ...more

Bringing back the perfect tree
Richmond Register (KY) - 7.27 ...more

Anti-biotech groups obstruct forest biotechnology
Oregon State University press release ...more

ArborGen and Senesco Announce Wood Quality Results
PR Newswire - 7.7 ...more

Federal OK sought for tree clones
Post and Courier - 7.4 ...more

Return of chestnut trees may help environment
Exponent (Purdue) - 6.22 ...more

Tahoe tree browning could be caused by number of factors
N. Lake Tahoe - 06.18 ...more

Hybrid American Chestnut Trees Have Superior Carbon Capture Potential
Reuters - 06.17 ...more

UAF chancellor will decide where balsam poplar trees will grow
News-Miner (AK) - June 3 ...more

FuturaGene unit in collaboration deal with Oregon State University
Proactive Investors UK - May 11 ...more

Hopes grow for chestnut trees
Hartford Courant - May 10 ...more

'U' tries to create Dutch Elm resistant to disease
KSTP.com - May 7 ...more