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Damage by wild hogs cost Alabama $800M
04.16 ...more

Study finds twice as many mountain lions in Bitterroot as expected
04.14 ...more

Biologists expect statewide extinction of bats after diseaase found in MI
04.11 ...more

Two Mexican wolf pairs released into Apache National Forest
04.10 ...more

Fort McCoy uses prescribed burns to reduce fuels, help habitats
03.31 ...more

New forestry and wildlife class provides students fish schooling
03.20 ...more

Forester says state forests turkey habitat have changed
03.17 ...more

Crisis biology: Can bacteria save bats and frogs from deadly diseases?
03.13 ...more

Deer Population Development Disrupts Forest’s Growth
03.10 ...more

Pennsylvania Game Commission Forester Recognized
03.03 ...more

Suit is filed to block project
02.27 ...more

USGS issues Report on spotted Owls in PNW
02.26 ...more

Swan River restoration project could benefit cutthroat trout
02.24 ...more

Pinchot Award Recognizes Scientist’s Passion: Public Relations for Bats
02.12 ...more

Recreationists, hunters a dangerous mix near Mississippi forest trails
02.10 ...more

Oregon cancels timber sales on state forests over seabird nesting
02.06 ...more

ESA Working Group Releases Final Report & Recommendations
02.05 ...more

N. Idaho officials eye Clearwater River basin elk
02.03 ...more

Conservationists, timber companies agree to protect more of Rainforest
01.30 ...more

Slowing the Spread of White Nose Syndrome in Bats
01.24 ...more

Natural Gas Boom Cuts Into Pennsylvania's State Forests
01.10 ...more

Groups sue to halt the killing of wolves
01.08 ...more

BLM, USFS release draft sage grouse plan for Wyo.
01.02 ...more

Deer grazing, other factors considered in state forest studies
12.02 ...more

Acorn shortage may have bears changing patterns
11.19 ...more

Researchers study effects of forest fragmentation on hummingbird behavior
11.06 ...more

Forest rangers capture, move Red Cockaded Woodpeckers
11.04 ...more

Plan for Idaho's sage grouse moves forward
11.04 ...more

Biodiversity “hotspots” more likely to have greater ecosystem cobenefits
10.31 ...more

Augusta County center helps reforestation effort
10.28 ...more

Rim fire puts a dent in High Sierra wildlife habitat
10.21 ...more

Trees disappearing as area farms continue to branch out
10.07 ...more

W.Pa. forests being fragmented by natural gas drilling
10.01 ...more

Feds Want More Land Protected For Canadian Lynx Angering Timber Interests
09.27 ...more

Ky. to obtain 7,000 acres for wildlife area, forest
09.16 ...more

Applegate River project intended to improve spwaning habitat
09.16 ...more

Long-Term Research on Fire Ecology in the Southern Appalachians
08.16 ...more

Woodpecker population surges as birds discover emerald ash borer
08.13 ...more

Agency stumped by taking of sea bird's habitat
08.13 ...more

Timber Rattlesnakes Control the Spread of Lyme Disease
08.06 ...more

State forest activities scrutinized
08.01 ...more

Traditional Forest Management Reduces Fungal Diversity
07.26 ...more

DNR State Forest Timber Auction Draws Concerns
07.26 ...more

Spotted Owl Listing Pushes Oregon County Near Insolvency
06.28 ...more

SFI, Audubon Team Up to Implement Conservation
06.19 ...more

Study shows the effect predators have on the carbon cycle
06.18 ...more

Fish & Wildlife works to recover Vermont’s timber rattlesnakes
06.12 ...more

Scientists ask for salmon protection in Tongass
06.12 ...more

Concern for lynx prompts lawsuit over timber sale in Little Belt Mountains
06.05 ...more

Big-Mouthed Toucans Key to Forest Evolution
05.31 ...more

'They just disappear. Populations are going away'
05.28 ...more

Scientists make strides restoring bighorn sheep in the American West
05.03 ...more

State's total forested acreage is gradually increasing
04.30 ...more

Rising seas clearly evident along SC coast
04.29 ...more

USFWS to consider listing for woodpeckers that rely on post-fire habitat
04.09 ...more

Environmental group blocks deal delaying protection
04.08 ...more

Forest Service adopting regional policy to address bat-killing disease
03.29 ...more

Forest Service Reopens Caves Despite Risk to Bats
03.28 ...more

Supreme Court refuses to hear gold dredging - endangered species case
03.19 ...more

Bat-killing white-nose syndrome moves southeast
03.14 ...more

Owl closed Paskenta sawmill
03.14 ...more

Bat-Killing Fungal Disease Has U.S. Lumber Firms Fighting States
03.12 ...more

Lawyers, environmentalists continue court fight over trout
03.11 ...more

Biodiversity in Logged Forests Far Higher Than Once Believed
03.07 ...more

Colorado: Lynx study expanded to Loveland Pass
03.06 ...more

Government denies claims concerning sage grouse
03.01 ...more

Wildlife groups praise withdrawal of timber sale
02.15 ...more

MT wildlife experts say elk summer range 'undervalued'
02.11 ...more

Obama to name REI chief Sally Jewell for Interior secretary
02.06 ...more

Timber salvage in Spotted Owl territory
02.06 ...more

Environmental groups to sue over caribou habitat
02.01 ...more

Climate changes happening faster than animals are able to respond
01.31 ...more

Competing goals apparent in new policy on old forest
01.30 ...more

Climate change projected to alter Indiana bat maternity range
01.29 ...more

Logging takes wing
01.28 ...more

Oswego biologist’s study suggests return of cougars to Adirondacks
01.09 ...more

Feds: Owl Recovery Could Cost $42M
12.18 ...more

Industries say measures to save Pa. bats too costly
12.17 ...more

Ky. working to protect endangered bat
12.11 ...more

Deer dogs back as U.S. Forest Service withdraws ban for Kisatchie
12.04 ...more

Project seeks to reduce wolf kills non-lethally
12.03 ...more

WWF wrestles with illegal timber in supply chains
11.30 ...more

Researcher Tests Powerful New Tool to Advance Ecology, Conservation
11.29 ...more

Mexican gray wolf program sparks another lawsuit
11.29 ...more

Judge grants logging delay
11.28 ...more

Dendroecology, an Ally of the Conservation for Biodiversity
11.27 ...more

Sandys damage to wildlife refuges adds to questions about federal spending
11.19 ...more

State asks hunters to get pot fields in their sights
11.14 ...more

Wolf packs grow in the Pacific Northwest
11.08 ...more

Howl: newest Auburn residents cause concern for public safety
11.05 ...more

Video shows mountain lions amid northwest Nebraska wildfires
10.29 ...more

Helena forest considers changes to how elk hiding coverage is assessed
10.17 ...more

Two groups seek to restore federal wolf protections
10.16 ...more

Urban Coyotes Could be Setting the Stage for Larger Carnivores to Move Into
10.08 ...more

How to Restore Native Grasslands in the Interior Pacific Northwest
10.08 ...more

Bird numbers drop in boreal forest
09.28 ...more

Court rejects conservationists in woodpecker fight
09.27 ...more

Lake Tahoe Forest Plan Minded the Woodpecker
09.21 ...more

Restoring Alaskas Tongass National Forest for Salmon
09.14 ...more

Changes brewing in woods won't help grouse
09.10 ...more

Will global warming boost biodiversity?
09.04 ...more

Federal government ending Wyoming wolf protections
09.04 ...more

Detection Dogs Spot Northern Spotted Owls, Even Those Alarmed by Barred Owl
08.16 ...more

Prescribed Fire in the Piney Woods
08.16 ...more

Deepening drought affects forests, fish, wildlife
08.16 ...more

Oh, deerway too many of them (Op-Ed)
08.13 ...more

Deer have become a mass menace in US
08.09 ...more

In search of the marbled murrelet
08.09 ...more

Active forest management to reduce fire could help protect N. spotted owl
07.24 ...more

DCNR shifts operations in Bureau of Forestry
07.17 ...more

Lawsuit Launched to Protect Rare Alaskan Wolf
07.11 ...more

Parties Amend Habitat Plan
06.13 ...more

Retention forestry now sparing trees and benefitting biodiversity worldwide
06.12 ...more

Spotted owl could be game-changer in Tombstone water war
06.11 ...more

Redwoods vs. red wine: Lawsuit aims to block vineyard
06.08 ...more

20 Years After Rio Earth Summit: Ecologists Call for Preservation of Biolog
06.07 ...more

Federal wildlife officials collect spotted owl comments
06.05 ...more

USFS moves Lake Tahoe logging for woodpecker; still criticized
06.04 ...more

Feds asked to delay logging near rare Tahoe birds
06.01 ...more

Forest Service Extends Cave and Mine Closures
05.31 ...more

Controlled Burns Boost Elk Habitat in Colville National Forest
05.31 ...more

Endangered woodpeckers on the road to recovery
05.21 ...more

Bull Trout Stream Deemed Fully Restored
05.15 ...more

Colorado: Lawsuit planned to protect threatened trout
05.14 ...more

Rattler may qualify for protection
05.10 ...more

Forest officials work to keep deadly fungus from Wyoming bats
05.07 ...more

Study Details Extent of Illinois' Asian Carp Problem
04.23 ...more

Invasive Barred Owls Interfere with Spotted Owls in Critical Ways
04.13 ...more

Study Shows Feral Pig Exposure to Nasty Bacteria
04.12 ...more

Study: Loss of predators affects ecosystem
04.10 ...more

Biodiversity: Bat-killing disease now west of the Mississippi
04.09 ...more

Lawsuit looks to force separation of Medicine Bow bighorns, domestic sheep
04.09 ...more

Interstate 4 A Tough Barrier For the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition
04.02 ...more

Ramps: In Abundance or In Trouble?
03.30 ...more

AU researchers use detection dogs to find pythons
03.29 ...more

Noise Pollution Is Changing Forests
03.28 ...more

Bigger spotted owl habitat proposed
03.20 ...more

Impact of wilderness plan on timber industry reignites jobs vs. trees debat
03.20 ...more

Court rules logging can go ahead in possums habitat
03.14 ...more

Rival birds could be killed under spotted owl rescue plan
03.01 ...more

Obama Plan for Spotted Owl Targets Rival Bird
02.29 ...more

Disease that threatens to devastate bat population found in NE Ohio
02.20 ...more

Auburn researchers conduct python-tracking study using specially trained do
02.09 ...more

New forest-management plan weakens wildlife protections, critics say
02.08 ...more

Sportsmen, Outdoor Industry Ask Obama to Conserve Colorado Roadless Backcou
02.07 ...more

Plans for caribou protection raise conflict in Northwest
02.06 ...more

New forest-management plan weakens wildlife protection
02.06 ...more

Ancient DNA Holds Clues to Climate Change Adaptation
02.03 ...more

Preserved Habitat Near National Parks Helps Species Conservation
02.03 ...more

Study: Restored Wetlands Rarely Equal Condition of Original Wetlands
01.25 ...more

Land swap could harm endangered species
01.23 ...more

Designing Wildlife Corridors in the Digital Age
01.18 ...more

Audubon Wins a Round on Spotted Owl
01.17 ...more

Opponents say forest clearing will help elk
01.09 ...more

Squamish-area elk population boosted
01.05 ...more

Blackwater will conduct annual burns
01.05 ...more

California to study whether woodpecker endangered
12.16 ...more

Several species' future threatened by depleting forests
12.14 ...more

Snakes' movement can't outpace warming, scientists warn
12.06 ...more

Yellowstone grizzlies need federal protection, appeals court says
11.28 ...more

Researchers make progress finding cause of white-nose syndrome in bats
11.21 ...more

Trio examines Wisconsin's deer management policies
11.14 ...more

Dry Leaves, Dead Timber and Enticements for Migrating Birds
10.21 ...more

GOP wants Homeland Security exempt from environmental laws along borders
10.19 ...more

Biologist, educator named director of Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation
10.12 ...more

Feds find golden trout not at serious risk
10.10 ...more

Forest Service Land Sale In California Disregarded Threatened Species
09.27 ...more

Cows versus trout in the Eastern Sierra
09.26 ...more

Why streams are warmer on private timberland
09.23 ...more

Dixie National Forest, conservation group talk turkey
09.19 ...more

Should this owl be killed so another owl can live?
09.19 ...more

New plans for Everglades protection
09.08 ...more

Energy, forestry industries fighting endangered status for caribou: documen
08.24 ...more

Ski Resort Expansion Threatens Lynx Habitat
08.24 ...more

Trout Fishing in a Climate-Changed America
08.17 ...more

Changing climate could cut western trout habitat in half: study
08.15 ...more

State plans walks on the wild side
08.11 ...more

Study: Saving owls and salmon also stores carbon
07.26 ...more

War of words erupts over how best to save Woodland Caribou
07.21 ...more

ESF Researchers Focus on a Tiny Tanzanian Toad
07.19 ...more

Loss of big predators disrupts Earth ecosystem: study
07.14 ...more

Foresters From Other States Get Look At WV
07.13 ...more

Red-cockaded Woodpeckers Re-nest in the National Forest after Tornado Damag
07.07 ...more

OSU Professor: Wolves Important For Environmental Harmony
06.28 ...more

Spotted Owls Get a New Plan
06.28 ...more

High -Tech Part Of Owl Plan Drawing Fire
06.27 ...more

Rare woodpecker stages comeback in Virginia
06.07 ...more

Vilsack Renews Interim Directive Covering Roadless Areas in National Forest
06.01 ...more

Caves on state land to stay closed in Tennessee
05.31 ...more

SFI Conservation Grant Helps The Nature Trust of BC Protect Unique Ecosyste
05.24 ...more

Critics say Obama abandons science in forest rules
05.17 ...more

Clatsop County residents, businesses debate forest management plan
05.13 ...more

Forest battle lines are drawn
05.12 ...more

Research maps out trade-offs between deer and timber
05.10 ...more

Nature Conservancy of Canada and SFI Partner to Protect Bat Populations
05.09 ...more

Wolverines in the Wallowas
05.03 ...more

State of the Birds: not good
05.03 ...more

WV TACF and MeadWestvaco Committed to Species Restoration as part of SFI Co
05.02 ...more

Long-term planning needed to keep worlds forests
04.27 ...more

Forestry Groups Express Continued Concern Over Spotted Owl Plan
04.22 ...more

Major paper company clear-cutting key tiger habitat
04.19 ...more

Environmental agency weighs impact of cuts
04.19 ...more

Clemson Experimental Forest research aims to improve wildlife habitats
04.18 ...more

Wildlife Adaptation to Climate Change Focus of New Grant Program
04.11 ...more

Stanford's virtual reality lab focuses on conservation
04.08 ...more

Groups join forces to save Vermont rattlesnakes
04.07 ...more

Scientists have new measure for species threat
04.07 ...more

Lawmakers use interest in eagles to promote Iowa woodland management
04.05 ...more

Emerald ash borer tops Iowans' forest, woodlands concerns
04.05 ...more

Fruit-Eating Fish Does Far-Flung Forestry
03.23 ...more

Obama Administration Officials and Wildlife Advocates Reach Uneasy Agreemen
03.23 ...more

Saving Columbia River salmon: A fish story that's not just about fish
03.21 ...more

Donations on New Jersey income tax form can help endangered species
03.03 ...more

Indonesian Borneo and Sumatra lose 9% of forest cover in 8 years
02.25 ...more

Conservation of whitebark pine may hinge on preservation of ponderosa
02.17 ...more

Western wolverines threatened by climate change
02.08 ...more

More Animals Found in Urban Forests
02.08 ...more

Cradle of Forestry to explore frogs
02.07 ...more

Natural forests to stand again
02.04 ...more

BLM pulls timber sale over spotted owl protections
02.04 ...more

Salmon conservationist looking for balance in forest management
02.03 ...more

Logging to boost biodiversity, help more species
02.02 ...more

Wolf delisting bill proposed
02.01 ...more

Timber industry challenges spotted owl plan
01.26 ...more

Oregon timber groups file suit over spotted owl recovery plan
01.26 ...more

BLM Designates New Wilderness Area in NorCal
01.19 ...more

Feds drop appeal on lynx habitat, will revise plan
01.18 ...more

Residents concerned about deer, elk predators on Fish Creek lands
01.14 ...more

Old-growth forests are what giant pandas need
01.11 ...more

Lake Erie hypoxic zone doesnt affect all fish the same, study finds
01.10 ...more

Renewed hope for English pine martens
01.06 ...more

Walmart Grant Will Preserve 218,000 Acres of Wildlife Habitat
12.09 ...more

US partnering with Indonesia to stem deforestation
11.30 ...more

The History of Deer Management in Pennsylvania
11.29 ...more

ODNR Dedicates New State Forest and Wildlife Area
11.19 ...more

Endangered Species Act may be re-written due to legal challenges
11.18 ...more

Hope for Borneo's Threatened Biodiversity
11.10 ...more

USDA offers $700,000 for forest management
11.10 ...more

Are we going about longleaf resurgence the right way?
11.08 ...more

Man treed by pack of wolves
11.08 ...more

SUNY ESF student brings tortoises back to Pinta Island
11.08 ...more

Twin brothers' investigation wakes nation to plight of endangered grizzlies
11.04 ...more

Capercaillie numbers rise in commission forests
11.02 ...more

Survival of Europe's fittest
10.19 ...more

Code RED for biodiversity
10.14 ...more

Unprecedented Interagency Memorandum Signed to Improve Land Stewardship in
10.14 ...more

Illegal deforestation threatens Sumatran tigers, activists say
10.11 ...more

Push to protect woodpecker may impact salvage logging
10.11 ...more

Scientists working to save Utah anomaly
10.08 ...more

Audubon Demands Info on Spotted Owls
10.04 ...more

Deforestation imperils biodiversity, but some trends encouraging - UN
10.04 ...more

Popcorn trees alter wildlife habitats
09.30 ...more

Inventory of Kenya's species sluggish
09.15 ...more

Law aims to limit wild hog population
09.13 ...more

Appeals court rejects Idaho grazing lawsuit
09.13 ...more

Judge upholds most lynx habitat in 6 states
09.10 ...more

Latest shooting of research bear dredges up old debate
09.09 ...more

Public comment period extended on Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge exp
09.08 ...more

China, Russia to create first trans-boundary tiger reserve
08.31 ...more

Forestlands Added to Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
08.31 ...more

Study shows Kielder Forest bats thriving
08.25 ...more

DLNR, wildlife partners survey waterbirds statewide
08.18 ...more

Private access for hunters booming
08.16 ...more

Tennessee Purple Coneflower Proposed for Delisting
08.13 ...more

Remote sensing camera is wildlife management tool
08.12 ...more

Belize sets aside land for jaguar corridor
08.10 ...more

Birth control for wild hogs?
08.09 ...more

Red kites returned to Cumbria forest after 160 years
08.03 ...more

Jamie Jonkel looks after bruins, humans
08.03 ...more

State tracking wolves across Oregon
07.20 ...more

Tracking tarantulas: Smokies biologist surveying spruce-fir moss spider
07.12 ...more

Feral swine poised to run hog wild over landscape if not stopped soon
07.09 ...more

Group: Feds fail to protect Mexican spotted owl
06.25 ...more

After 160 years, red kites return to Lake District
06.25 ...more

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Awards $3.1 Million to Facilitate
06.24 ...more

Study highlights trees' importance to fish as climate warms
06.23 ...more

White Nose Syndrome, a fungus that kills bats, closes Tennessee caves throu
06.22 ...more

Lake Michigan sub: Studying climate change
06.17 ...more

Elk reintroduction could begin next year
06.16 ...more

Alberta moves to save threatened grizzlies
06.04 ...more

City agrees to remove ash trees...and crow problem
06.04 ...more

Landowners can apply for state money to restore fish passages
06.02 ...more

Lasers help researchers predict birds' preferred habitat
06.02 ...more

Groups Sue over Forest Logging Plan
05.27 ...more

Wayne National Forest's caves and mines off-limits for five more years
05.27 ...more

Controlled fire is good for wildlife, forestry
05.21 ...more

Economic report into biodiversity crisis reveals price of consuming the pla
05.21 ...more

Even small patches of urban woods are valuable for migrating birds
05.19 ...more

Group hosts tree farm tour
05.18 ...more

Environmentalists Protest Plan for Logging in WV State Forest
05.07 ...more

A New Way to Use Herbicides: To Sterilize, Not Kill Weeds
05.05 ...more

Fire is basic element of healthy ecosystem
05.04 ...more

Hunters take aim at plan to preserve forest
4.30 ...more

Landowners not wild about feral hogs
04.28 ...more

Clemson gets $100,000 for forest, wildlife programs
04.22 ...more

State plans spring wildland fires southwest of Delta to improve moose habit
04.21 ...more

Bleak outlook for Conn. bats
04.21 ...more

U.S. gives Columbia Land Trust $6 million grant
04.13 ...more

Greene-Sullivan State Forest has provided many benefits
04.09 ...more

How Species Cease To Matter
04.08 ...more

Eastern US Forests Show 'Significant' Decline in Past 40 Years
04.08 ...more

Improving Deer Habitat with Power Tools
04.05 ...more

Wild hog problem increasing in Southeast
03.26 ...more

UT's black bear study ends after 41 years
03.26 ...more

Expansion of state deer herd approved
03.16 ...more

Grizzlies' fate in panel's hands
03.12 ...more

Baffling Busy Beavers
03.12 ...more

Biosurveillance- Forest Managers Use Wasps to Search for Invasive Beetle
03.12 ...more

Friend or foe? Beavers can be either
02.26 ...more

Forest Management Vital Role of Providence Water
02.24 ...more

Letchworth deer cull upsets some residents
02.24 ...more

Forest Service to host public events on planning rule development
02.24 ...more

Presence of Snails Points to Forest Recovery
02.16 ...more

Asia's Big Cat Struggles in Year of the Tiger
02.11 ...more

Okefenokee wildfires clear the way for a new habitat
02.01 ...more

How to manage the forest
01.29 ...more

Windbreaks important for livestock protection
01.28 ...more

Murrelet Still Threatened Says USFWS
01.26 ...more

Marbled Murrelet Remains Threatened
01.20 ...more

FWS to Propose Injurious Species Listing
01.21 ...more

Grizzly panel told government can't meet judge's requirements for delisting
01.13 ...more

Why Gustafson Logging matters
01.11 ...more

Lawyers reopen investigation of whistleblower case
01.11 ...more

Feds kick off contribution to Everglades restoration at Picayune Strand
01.08 ...more

Controlled burns to improve wildlife habitat, reduce wildfire
01.06 ...more

Christmas Trees Headed to Fish Habitat Improvement Project
01.04 ...more

Lawsuit Claims Fire Retardant Killed Fish
12.16 ...more

Harden Furniture to help restore salmon to stream
12.07 ...more

Timber rules to help salmon
12.04 ...more

Bucks for bark beetles: Mitigation program benefits from fed stimulus grant
11.16 ...more

UT studies road's wildlife impact
11.16 ...more

Biodiversity 'invisible' in current economic model
11.13 ...more

Forest Service Key to Sustaining Woodpecker Population in Southeast
11.03 ...more

Degraded Borneo land to be restored to orangutans
10.28 ...more

Bat infection remains a mystery
10.24 ...more

Wolf quota reached in area, first-ever hunt closed
10.26 ...more

Yale professor researches frogs in area ponds
10.21 ...more

Tiger Population Declines to Less than 100 in Myanmar
10.07 ...more

DNR Reports Mast Levels Down in WV
10.07 ...more

In Search of Wildlife-Friendly Biofuels
10.05 ...more

Low turtle count not unusual
10.04 ...more

Water disrupts frogs' development
09.23 ...more

Skokomish watershed work helps fish
09.18 ...more

Deer stocking report
09.17 ...more

Fed officials fear Calif. logging rules would hurt salmon
09.14 ...more

Rare beetle count disappoints
Omaha.com - 09.08 ...more

Officials to discuss Burmese python problem in FL
Orlando Sentinel - 09.08 ...more

Bobcat sightings grow in southern Indiana
AP - 09.08 ...more

Cougar caught in Seattle being released in wild
Associated Press - 09.06 ...more

Congressional groups aim to make Colorado more wild
Denver Post - 09.06 ...more

Ransom County declares yellow toadflax a noxious weed
Farm and Ranch Guide - 08.18 ...more

WCS study on birds and streams included in federal guidelines to safeguard
Eureakalrt - 08.18 ...more

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service targets 29 species for endangered species pr
St. Louis Dispatch - 08.18 ...more

Cockaded woodpeckers need your help
Pensacola News Journal - 08.12 ...more

Study links pesticides, declining frog population
Southern Illinois University - 08.12 ...more

Time for peace in the Flathead Valley
Canada.com - 08.10 ...more

Tiny deer among 350 new species found in Himalayas
Associated Press - 08.10 ...more

Alabama Avenger: Hunting Coyotes
Zanesville Times-recorder (AL) - 7. 26 ...more

Obama administration tries to save local salamander
San Francisco Chronicle - May 7 ...more

Obama administration scraps Bush logging plan
Associated Press- 7.16 ...more

Pennsylvania DCNR State Forests, Parks Participate in Deer Management Assis
PR Newswire - 7.6 ...more

Feds declare salmon endangered on 3 Maine rivers
AP 06.16.09 ...more

Judge finds violation in Calif. forest planning
Associated Press - June 11 ...more

Decreasing Deer Damage To Trees, Shrubs And Crops
Science Daily - May 10 ...more

Bat Caves Closed to Fight Deadly Fungus Foe
LiveScience.com - May 2 ...more

Feds, environmentalists reach deal over frog
NewsWest9.com - May 7 ...more

Gray wolf collared and released in Oregon is a first
Los Angeles Times - May 7 ...more

Feds to reconsider critical habitat for 2 fish
The Associated Press - May 6 ...more

Forest Service considers prescribed burns in Black Elk Wilderness area
Rapid City Journal - May 4 ...more

Alaskan wilderness in danger from loophole in Airborne Hunting Act
Indian Country Today - April 30 ...more