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SAF Leads Letter Urging Support for US Forest Service Research and Development

SAF Submits FY 2017 Budget Priorities to House Committee

SAF Comments on EPA's Federal Implementation Plan for the Clean Power Plan

Government Affairs & External Relations Team 2015 Activities and Accomplishments

Forest Service Report Details Increased and Improved Restoration Work but also Urgent Need for Wildfire Funding Fix

SAF and Broad Coalition Call for Wildfire Funding Reform this Year

Report Highlights Gaps in CFLR Program Research

Forest Service Report Details Alarming Impacts of Wildfire Suppression Costs

SAF Commends House Natural Resources Committee Efforts to Increase the Pace and Scale of Management on Federal Forests

SAF recommends improvements to interim NLEB rule

SAF Encourages Collaboration with Forestry Professionals on Interim NLEB Rule

SAF testifies before House committee on FY 2016 budget priorities

Stakeholders Welcome New USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis Strategic Plan

SAF comments on EPA proposed definition of "Waters of the United States" under the Clean Water Act

SAF Response Team adds to global carbon conversation with Forest Carbon Accounting Considerations in US Bioenergy Policy

SAF Thanks Gov. Snyder for Pledging to Strengthen Michigan's Licensed Forester Statute

SAF comments on USDA Forest Service National Best Management Practices Program Revised Directives

SAF testifies before House committee on FY 2015 budget priorities

SAF sends letter to House committee supporting the Forest Inventory and Analysis program in FY 2015

Bipartisan Wildfire Disaster Funding Included in President's FY15 Budget

SAF joins broad coalition urging support for the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act

SAF reiterates concerns regarding the Fish and Wildlife Service's proposed rule to list the Northern Long-Eared Bat as an Endangered Species

SAF comments on the Fish and Wildlife Service's proposed rule to list the Northern Long-Eared Bat as an Endangered Species

SAF comments on the USDA's "Science-Based Methods for Entity-Scale Quantification of Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks from Agriculture and Forestry Practices."

Coalition calls for emergency supplemental to repay fire transfers

Broad forest coalition asks Congress to address persistent firefighting deficit

SAF Revises Position Statements on Conservation Easements

SAF letter supporting the President's nomination of Krysta Harden as Deputy Secretary and Robert Bonnie as Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment at the USDA

SAF Comments on USDA Forest Service 2012 Planning Rule Directives

SAF member Dr. Charles McKetta's written testimony from the House Agriculture Committee Hearing 'National Forest Management and its Impacts on Rural Economies and Communities' – 13 March 2013.

Society of American Foresters comments on Supreme Court decision concerning runoff from logging roads

Second Annual Report, “People Restoring America's Forests: A Report on the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program

SAF Comments on USDA Forest Service Project-Level Predecisional Administrative Review Process

SAF submits Testimony to the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee regarding August 15th Colorado Wildfire Field Hearing

Letter Submitted to the House Committee on Agriculture regarding the Farm Bill

Letter submitted to House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies regarding Activities with No Environmental Effect – June 26th

Society of American Foresters Comments on the EPA NOI Forest Road Discharges – June 22nd

The SAF Task Force Report "Managing Forests because Carbon Matters: Integrating Energy, Products, and Land Management Policy

Comments Submitted by the SAF National Office to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources on Proposed Biomass Regulations – June 18th

Presentations from April 12th and 13th Briefings: “What You Need to Know About Forest Carbon Dynamics and Carbon Accounting”, SAF co-hosted with the National Alliance of Forest Owners, Resources for the Future, and the Congressional Biomass Congress.

  1. Roger R. Martella, Jr., Partner, Environmental Practice Group, Sidley Austin LLP, representing the National Alliance of Forest Owners
  2. Dr. Jim Bowyer, Director of Responsible Materials Program, Dovetail Partners, Inc., representing SAF
  3. Robert Perschel, Eastern Forests Director, Forest Guild
  4. Dr. Roger A. Sedjo, Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Forest Economics and Policy, Resources for the Future

SAF CEO Michael Goergen's Written Testimony from House Agriculture Committee Hearing: "Formulation of the 2012 Farm Bill: Energy and Forestry Programs" - May 18th, 2012 2/17/12 Technical Symposium: Examining the Effects of Responsible Forest Management on Watershed Health Videos Now Available details

Presentations from SAF and TNC Forest Restoration Briefing, April 20th
  1. Dr. Wally Covington, Regent's Professor, Northern Arizona University
  2. McRee Anderson, Fire Restoration Project Director in Arkansas, The Nature Conservancy
  3. Steve Brink, Vice President of Public Resources, California Forestry Association
Comments on Stewardship Contracting for Senate Agriculture Committee

Comments on Stewardship Contracting for House Agriculture Committee

Dr. Robert Malmsheimer's written testimony for the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Hearing on March 22nd

SAF Symposium: Examining the Effects of Responsible Forest Management on Watershed Health

SAF will hold a symposium on the relationship between forest management and water quality on February 17 at the Capitol Visitor Center, Room SVC 210-212 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The event's featured speaker will be the Honorable Benjamin H. Grumbles, president of Clean Water America Alliance, and there will also be administrative, legal, and scientific panels discussing the connections between forest management and the Clean Water Act….details
National Policy News and Articles

Forest Service, States Call on Congress for Fire-Funding Reform

Senate Hearing on Forest Bills

Forest Service Chief Orders Up to $450 million in Transfers to Pay for Wildfires

EPA, Corps of Engineers Publish Final "Clean Water Rule"

SAF Updates Position Statements on Roads, Professionals in NRM, and Climate Change

SAF Sends Letter to Congress on Federal Land Management

Dale Bosworth: "Excessive Process" Hinders US Forest Service

Feds Propose ESA Revisions, Eye Endangered Status for Spotted Owl

Society Affairs: Vosick: Science Shows Restoration Treatments Work

SAF Testifies on Wildfire Funding and US Forest Service Research

Bat ESA Listing: US FWS Proposes an Exemption for Forestry

SAF Continues to Engage on Bat Endangered Species Listing

SAF's Work on Carbon Yields Results, But Work Still Remains

SAF, NASF Comment on EPA "Waters of the US" Rule

Congress: Land Swaps, New Wilderness, but No Wildfire Funding Bill

Fire Funding Stalled in Congress

EPA Proposes New Definitions in "Waters of the US" Rule; Comment Period Extended

SAF Testifies on Proposed Budget

Farm Bill Tackles Forest Roads, Stewardship Contracting

SAF Comments on Bat Endangered Species Proposal

SAF voices support for the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program in the Fiscal Year 2014 appropriations process

SAF Policy Team's 2012 Election Analysis

Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service Rely on Stewardship Contracting for Collaborative Restoration

SAF Briefs Supreme Court: With BMPs, EPA Road Permits Not Needed

Forest Service Chief Tidwell: Stewardship Contracting Essential to Accelerated Restoration Strategy

Congress Moves, Slowly, toward Farm Bill Passage

US Supreme Court to Hear Forest Roads Runoff Case

Is the Equal Access to Justice Act in Need of Reform?

Managing National Forests: Challenges and Opportunities—Two Commentaries Offering a Hard Looks at the Past, Present, and Future of the US Forest Service

Farm Bill Forestry Funding in Jeopardy

The Sagebrush Rebellion Renewed: Bills Aim to Create Trusts to Manage Federal Timber

Tidwell: New Forest Planning Rule Highlights Collaboration, Efficiency

US Forest Service to Finalize New Planning Rule This Month

Quincy Library Group Seeks Reauthorization from Congress

Tenth Circuit Upholds Clinton-Era Roadless Area Rule

Retirees' Report: Forest Service Falling behind in Reforestation

Federal Spending Cuts Jeopardize Funding for Conservation Programs

Ninth Circuit: Pollution Permits Required for Logging Roads

Commentary: Latest 9th Circuit Court "Waters" Ruling A Cause for Concern

Forest Service Seeks Comments on CO Roadless Rule

Forest Service Releases Draft of Revised Planning Rule

BLM Ordered to Manage “Wild Lands” as Wilderness

New Congress, New Focus on Forests and (Maybe) Action on the Estate Tax

BCAP Is Back: USDA Revises Rules for Biomass Crop Assistance Program

EPA to Require Permits for Aerial Pesticide Applications

American Forest Foundation Offers “Farm Bill Progress Report”

Ninth Circuit: Run-Off from Forest Roads Is “Point Source” Pollution

Court: “Highest Deference” Is Owed to Forest Service's Technical Analyses”

Court Restores Wolf Protections, Halts Projects in Grizzly Habitat

States Complete Forest Assessments to Qualify for Federal Funds

Judge Upholds "Survey and Manage" Requirement of Northwest Forest Plan

Reps. Schrader, Walden Introduce HFRA Amendments

House Approves Biomass Offerings in Climate-Energy Bill

Jensen: Forest Service to Take a Landscape Perspective

Court Strikes Down National Forest Planning Regulations

Vilsack: New National Forest Planning and Roadless Rules Needed

Court Invalidates Bush Roadless Rule

SAF Testimony regarding Mountain Pine Beetle to the House Natural Resources Committee – June 16, 2009

SAF Testimony regarding Renewable Energy Standard to the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee – Feb 17, 2009

Is Wildfire Policy in the United States Sustainable?

The Impact of Federal and State Income Tax Liabilities on Timber Investments in the Midwest and Northeast

Reforestation Tax Incentives Under the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004

The Impact of Federal and State Income Tax Liabilities on Timber Investments in the West

SAF submits information to President-Elect Obama Transition Team

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