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National Student Congress

The National Student Congress (NSC) is the organizational body within the Society formed exclusively for student members. Unlike the House of Society Delegates, where each individual state society chair has a vote, voting rights in NSC are granted to the college or university. A school with a SAF student chapter has two votes on matters brought forward to NSA. Schools with no student chapter but with student members have one vote on matters before the NSA. The goals of the National Student Congress (NSC) are to:
  • provide a way for students to help achieve the mission of the Society
  • increase student participation in the Society
  • provide representation of student members to the House of Society Delegates
  • facilitate communication between student chapters and student members in the Society
  • conduct programs and projects in the interest of the Society and forestry profession
What is the role of NSC officers?
The officers of the NSC are the chair, vice-chair and secretary chosen from the Student Executive Committee.

The chair is responsible for preparing the agenda and presiding at NSC meetings. The chair also oversees the business affairs and serves as the NSC's official representative to the House of Society Delegates (HSD). As a representative to HSD, the chair will be a voting delegate just like the state society chairs. The NSC chair will participate in periodic convener calls and express the student members' opinions on issues.

The NSC vice-chair assists the chair in the above duties and sits at the annual HSD meeting as an alternate delegate, similar to the state society chair-elect. If the chair is unable to complete his or her term, the vice-chair will assume the chair's duties.

The secretary records and reports the minutes of the NSC meetings, facilitates the election, and performs other duties as assigned by the chair.

When does the NSC meet?
The NSC holds its annual meeting in conjunction with the SAF national convention. Faculty representatives, faculty members, state society chairs and national office staff are encouraged to attend the meeting.

What takes place during a NSC meeting?
Many different things can occur during a NSC meeting. In the past, distinguished speakers who have shared their knowledge of the forestry profession have included the SAF president, SAF executive vice-president, chief of the USDA Forest Service and representatives from industry and non-profit organizations.