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SAF Science Fund Grant and Loan Program

The Science Fund provides grants and loans to SAF Working Groups projects that meet the goals of the Fund which are:
  • Conduct and/or support forestry research,
  • Conduct and/or support continuing education activities and the transfer of knowledge, and
  • Promote collaboration and relationships with other SAF entities and external groups.

Types of Awards:

Loans — (up to $5,000) to assist in the planning of a conference, meeting, or workshop. Loans are to be repaid to the Science Fund.

Grants — to support research activities and/or dissemination of findings and new technology. There are two types of grants – Regular (up to $2,500) and Special (up to $5,000).

Note that the Science Fund cannot be used for professional salaries (e.g., university faculty summer salary), office supplies, or overhead. The Fund will support up to 50% of the cost for technical/analytical equipment (e.g., computers, field equipment, software).

Project Ideas: projects could include, but are not limited to, the following examples:
  • Forestry Research — Examples include graduate student funding, identification or prioritization of research needs, literature reviews, and collection of data.
  • Continuing Education — Examples include conferences, publication, panels at SAF conventions, workshops, and online seminars.
  • Outreach — Examples include special issues of the Journal of Forestry and regional journals of applied forestry and website postings.
  • Collaboration — Examples include joint conferences, development of a directory of research collaborators, or a list of SAF members willing to respond to outside scientific inquiries.
Deadline: February 15 and August 15

Criteria, format, and procedures: Word and PDF versions